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U-Can !
Stuck on Words (U-SOW)


Empowerment Encouragement Inspiration Experience Expectations
Influencer Modifications Modifications Team Power

"It is my hope each of my U-Can! Stuck On Words is sowed into your lifestyle everyday."
"You will empower yourself daily.  Always remember U-Can! because U-SOW!"

U-SOW 8 Wisdom Examples

1. U-SOW your Dream 5. U-SOW your Destination
2. U-SOW your Destination 
6. U-SOW your Path
3. U-SOW Helping Others 7. U-SOW your Happiness
4. U-SOW The Golden Rule 8. U-Sow Your Success

"Because it is written you are GUARANTEED to reap what you sow."

- The U-Can Man and Team Member

PS: Over the past 8 years I found myself recieving many negative words from others.  Sometimes I join the party and told myself negative words, 8 years later with the help of a awesome modification team at these 9 words were heard over and over again, now they are the words I sow into my life daily.  

America If  I- Can, U-Can!

USA 300 Million


USA Family


Elementary Student


Middle School Student


Highschool Student


College Student


Graduate School Student


USA Employers


USA Employees


USA Congress


USA Supreme Court


USA President


USA Churches


USA Communities


USA People





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Its All About Doing The ART

  Winning Attitude 
Its All About Having The Winning Attiude

 Favor Of God 
Its All About The Favor Of God

Its All About Getting Mad 7 Times Everyday I
Its All About Getting MAD 7 Times Everyday

Its All About The U-Can! Man 5- Ms Everyday

Its All About The U-Can! Man 5-Ms Everyday

Its All About One Hour Of Hope Performed 25 July 2009 For America

Its All About One Hour Of Hope Performed 25 July 2009 For America

 When You see You will see what doing U-CAN!, help The U-Can! Man Accomplish 2009-2016 Mixing President Barack Obama's Yes We Can Strategy with U-CAN!. You can also follow President Donald Trumps Think Big And Dream Bigger (TAD) Strategy is intentionally mixed with U-CAN! 2017-2020. Only God knows the outcome. I 100% Believe as I walk by Faith and Not by Sight these next 4 years will be my greatest of all time.

1: Financially
2: Spiritually
3: Physically
4: Supernaturally
5: Godly


America Get Ready To See What Has Been , Is And Will Be

 1: U-Can! Influenced my: "Do What They Can't" #1 Strategy 2009 - 2013 Done  

 2: USA Gun Violence Is Influencing my: "Do What They Can't" #2 Strategy 2015-2019
 2: Yes We Can:  Influence my life during the "yes we can strategy 2009 - 2016"
 3: Think Big And Dream Bigger TAD : Will Influence my family 2017 - 2020
 4: The U-Can! Man: Looking for 150 TAD statements
 5: Hopefully YOU: Meet the U-Can! Man Family 
 6: WEB.COM: I Thank God for the Awesome Modification team !!!! 
 7: Strategies: Over 50 Strategies Designed To give you hope.

I invite the USA to Join this experience. The Sky Is Our Limit. U-CAN!

    Lets Do It For Our Great Nation Past, Present And Future

The U-Can! Man



U-CAN! Is An Arrow Of Deliverance (UIA -AOD)

U - You Can
-    Line Up All of Your Concerns
C - Can-do Attitude Is A Must
A - Always Remember U-CAN!
N - Never Give Up, You May Not Be Far Away
! - Say U-CAN! Loud & Louder to Yourself & Others

I - Influence Other
S - Sow Peace & You Will Reap Peace

A - All of Us Have Issues, More Than One At Least
N - Never Think You Are Alone Because You Are Not

A - Arrows Are Good When Used On Time
R - Remain Focused
R - Really Accept U-CAN! Because U-CAN!
O - Overhead You Have Someone,
W - We, They, Us, Them; Powerful Together

O - Oh What A Relief It Is When U-CAN Replaces U-CAN'T Fulltime
F - Faith In God Is Key, He Knows The End From The Beginning

D - Deliverance Is Possible
E - Everbody Needs Somebody
L - Live As If U-CAN!
I - Invest In Yourself
V - Victory Is In View
E - Encourage Yourself
R - Rally Around You
A - Address Your Shortcomings
N - Never Think You're The Only One
C - Commit To Sucess No Matter What
E - Enjoy The Journey With A U-CAN! Attitude

I Give Hope By Telling The People U-Can!

U - CAN! Be Delivered
I - CAN! Be Delivered
WE - CAN! Be Delivered

U-CAN Bible It

2nd King 13th Chapter Verses 14-19


Read to Understand the Arrow of Deliverance (AOD)

America, whenever you see U-CAN! on this website or hear the U-CAN! MAN saying U-CAN! it is an Arrow to Help Deliver You from...

All AmerI-Can's Can Be Delivered 
AfrI-Can's AmerI-Can's Can Be Delivered
Always Remember, U-CAN!


America, please join the U-SOW! party. The results will be  mind
blowing and I believe will be supernaturally better the next 4 years.
U-SOW!  Because U-CAN!

2017 TAD Habit Forming Questions