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"Consistency is the Key to the Door of Success. The door may be hard to open, but you'll never get in if you don't push" —THE Man

Thank You Winston aka THE Man for helping me capture my Get Down and Knock-Em-Out strategy
8th of April, 2017

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Get Down and Knock-EM-OUT

In 1982, my first platoon Sergeant in the Army was SFC. Knox. I remember on October 1982 finding myself assigned to Freiburg, Germany. Coming from Florida, the one thing I remember was it being cold, cold, cold. SFC. Knox would ask us soldiers if we were cold. Even though I was super cold, I would say "No Sergeant, I'm not cold" 

SFC. Knox kept asking this question over and over again, "Are you cold soldiers?" Finally I would tell the truth, "Yes platoon Sergeant, I am cold"
Then out of nowhere Sergeant Knox would scream, "GET DOWN AND KNOCK-EM-OUT!"

35 Years later, all I can remember was doing hundreds of push-ups! On April 6th, 2017, I was thinking about this story, and I clearly remembered every time being warm after knocking them out. I realize now Sergeant Knox was simply taking care of us.

"Consistency is the Key to the Door of Success. The door may be hard to open, but you'll never get in if you don't push"


Today I say that in life I have learned the best thing I can do in cold situations is to take SFC. Knox' advice and get down and knock-em-out. In 1982, I did Push-Ups. In 2017, I'm doing Push-Ups to the 3rd Power:

1 Thessalonians 5:17

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Psalms 150:1

Psalms 150:1

Philippians 4:13

Philippians 4:13


Pray Until Something Happens


Praise Until Something Happens


Press until Something Happens

SFC. Knox was taking care of his soldiers by making them do Push-Ups. The U-Can man believes you can take care of yourself if you perform PUSH to the 3rd Power. Finally, SFC. Knox was making us do push-ups. For Me, the word "UP" stands for "U Perform." I realize now I could've stayed cold, cold, cold had I not performed the push-ups.
America, I say "Push it Real Good" U-Can