Act Like It
                        Be Like It
                                            Do Like It
                                                                 Know Like It
                                                                                        Talk Like It
                                                                                                             Live Like It
                                                                                                                                     Behave Like It
                                                                                                                                                                Believe Like It
                                                                                                                                                                              Recieve Like It
               Click on Pictures Below To View Mr. Michael Talbott, Instructor of English at South Georgia State College Wisdom To The U-Can! Man

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          Super Saying!

          Today We Are World Class Champions (WCC) We are second to none. Every U-CAN! Team member is empowered with the ability to know their job, play their position, perform their responsibilities, and to play by the team's game book, so the Team’s mission is accomplished and the team wins. We have to be “World Class Champions (WCC)" on the playing field because we play the game every day. Second place is not an option. We Are a U-CAN! SUCCESS STORY and we want the Gold Medal...each month, quarter and year. A SUCCESSFUL Dynasty is our Destiny. We do more than just sing it; we bring it and we win it! Our goal is to make every player a “U-CAN! World Class Champion." There is no “I” in Team (Together Everyone Achieves Mission), but there is leadership throughout our team. We Win, the Coach Wins, and the Team Wins Together because U-CAN! U-CAN! Be Successful… And be on a PATH…a PATH to Success

          My Theory:

          "Good, better best. Never let it rest.
          Until your good is better and your better is your best."

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          My Millionaire Team

          Designed/Developed/Destined To Give YOU Hope!

          1:  Introduction

          2:  Word Of God (Scripture Acts 27)

          7: Trust God Whatever You Do,  Message From Pastor Jerry Brown

          3:  Union Cathedral Greater Doves (Youth Dancers)

          8:  Anthony Williams Singing "Hero" To The U-Can! Man Bride

          4:  Lights-Camera-Actions Charge To America

          9: America Do Not Be Afraid Message Bishop Wade S. McCrae

          5:  Encourage Yourself In The Lord Song/Dance

          6:  First Book Author Lorraine Thomas 

          10: The U-Can! Man Poem Created By A Union Cathedral Youth
          Manners & Money

          You, Me, Myself, and I