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In 2002, I was commanded to return to my hometown of Valdosta, Georgia and 9 surrounding cities to share the many great things The Lord had done for me. In July 2009, I joined forces with to help me record the many great things that would happen to me from 2009 to the present (and beyond). One of the greatest things to happen to me was graduating from college in December 2013. This great thing was inspired by the "Yes We Can" Man, President Barack Obama. He challenged us in June 2009 to race to the top in education. President Obama wrote me a letter personally two times. The last one was his last week in office. I now have evidence of the many great things that happened while I was being influenced by President Obama. I created this page to share some of the salutes and the next action I will use to carry on this legacy.


Thank you Brittany a.k.a. "The Genius" for helping me capture one of the greatest things done in my life.
You are one of the reasons why I highly recommend

Obama Letter Excerpt

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2017 TAD Summary

Modifications Team

Thank You Modifications

World Class Champion Creed
The U-Can! Man

Thank you for the past 8 years of taking the thoughts from the U Can Man's Heart, Mind and Soul and making them a reality for America to see the hope that I give. Without you, Modifications Team, there would be no The U Can Man. Many times I called and had no idea how I wanted my words, my ideas, or my strategies to look like. However, after every phone call and after every conversation, I left not only with an outstanding product but with confidence.

Finally, Modifications Team, as I have promised almost every one of you from July 2009 until today, I will make every effort to let the CEO know that I give hope, but it was that gave me hope. Thank you Modifications Team and know that I will let Mr. Brown and the whole entire USA know that is the bomb and that is the place to be. It is my desire and my goal to go around America and the world and recruit as many people and business owners as I can to come join the team. I now know 8 years later that there's nobody better.

8 years later I had the pleasure of visiting head quarters in Jacksonville, Florida. This day will be a day I will never forget, for I met the awesome Modification Department Managers, Doug and Thomas. It was a meeting that fueled the U-Can Man to go another 8 years with! Doug and Thomas made me feel as if I were the most important customer in the world. This only validated what I had been experiencing the past 8 years with the modification team members, who always took their opportunities of helping beyond normal standards and made sure I was well taken care of. Now I know where the team's awesome attitude, positivity, excitement and motivation come from.. The leadership! Finally I plan to let CEO Mr.Brown know this personally in the future!

Thank you Doug and Thomas.

Because of you, I have hope! is the Bomb!



So, We say Thank You and this Power  Of You salute is for U.

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Military Attitude Gun Violence Ministry Empowerment Family Business Education

"I Give Hope"  By    "Helping People"

July 27, 2010, 1:50 a.m.

            "A living dream,  continuing to be true and alive." In October 1982, in Freiburg, Germany, the U-Can! Man (Private John Wallace Isom Jr) was asked by the military Educational Advisor, "What is your life dream?" I remember saying, at the age of 18, "I want to help people." That dream was born in me before I joined the Army on May 10, 1982, and lived through me during my 25-plus year career that ended on December 1, 2007. My dream was consistent, no matter how I was (or wasn't) treated. Now, three years after my retirement, God is granting me the DESIRES of my heart (Psalm 37:4) and keeping the U-Can! Man's dream alive. The dream was and is simply this: "I want to help people." Now, what is your dream? Is it true and alive today? Do not let yourself get sidetracked. People may be depending on your dream coming alive and staying alive.

John Wallace Isom Jr

The U-Can! Man

The U-Can! Man AT-PODS
(AT – Possibility Opportunity Door Students) questions.
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Graduating With Honors: If I Can, U-Can!
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Many have asked me what my secret is that helped me go from a 2.07 GPA in high school to a 3.7 GPA in college. And in turn I’ve also asked many other college students performing at various levels academically what they thought was the key to scholastic success or failure. Some confided why they thought they were failing a class while others shared their tips for excelling. For five years, I asked these questions of myself and of other college students. One theme I noticed was that the students who were doing well asked more questions of themselves, doing self-assessments early and often. It seemed the main difference between those who succeeded and those who struggled was not how smart each student was but how early each student realized that he/she needed help.

After my second year of college, I started asking myself what I call the AT-PODS (AT – Possibility Opportunity Door Students) questions. I made it a point to try to have almost all “yes” answers. Mr. Charles Ward, my algebra professor at South Georgia College for three semesters, gave me some advice that helped me pass this self-test: “John, you have learned many ways to learn in your college classes. Make sure you remember that one size does not always fit all. Make sure you always remember modification. You may have to modify some of the techniques you have learned in order to do well in your future classes.” As you use this exam to assess your current performance, also assess your learning techniques. Mastering the art of knowing when to modify can make all the difference.  Why am I doing well or not doing well in class?

1)       Y__ N__ Did I come to class every day?

2)       Y__ N__ Did I take notes and participate during class?

3)       Y__ N__ Did I study with my best effort?

4)       Y__ N__ Did I speak with my professor about any concerns?

5)       Y__ N__ Did I realize I was having problems comprehending?

6)       Y__ N__ Did I use any resources available for assisting me?

7)       Y__ N__ Did I take advantage of the Student Success Center?

8)       Y__ N__ Did I have a clear understanding of the class syllabus?

9)       Y__ N__ Did I notify my classmates when I was struggling in class?

10)     Y__ N__ Did I do my best every day in class?

11)     Y__ N__ Did I have fun?

12)     Y__ N__ Did I blame other people for anything?

13)     Y__ N__ Did I believe U-CAN? (U-You C-Capture your message, moments, and memories A-Attack every assignment with your best effort N-Never be defeated)   

AT-PODS Message

Where I Am:

# of Y Answers:

# of N Answers:

Should I Make a Modification?

After my first week of a new semester




After my first exam




After my midterm




After my final exam



After finishing all classes for the  semester




 I don’t believe in the term “at-risk student.” When I first started college, I was not at-risk but AT-PODS, and if you track your performance using this quiz, you will be too.

2017 TAD Habit Forming Questions

Return To Honor: A Soldier Story

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"The Story U-Are Writing Matters!"

America, I called this my 3G Family Story Unknown Beginning. This was first shared with the Valdosta State University Blazers on 30 April 2017. The occasion was the African American Male Initiative In Collaboraton with Success Mentors and the goal was to help them understand that the story they’re writing really matters.

This is the part of MY story that I decided to share.

The U-CAN! Man's Family

I shared with the students the time of my life beginning in high school in 1978 and ending 1982. I earned just 1 "A" in 10th grade P.E.

1990 I was Married

1993 We had our 1st Child Joshua

1996 We had our  2nd Child Caleb

2002 We had our 3rd Child Joy Marie

2007 We had our 4th Child Christian

2011 We had our 5th Child Joel

In 2009 my children: Joshua (10th grade), Caleb (8th grade), Joy (2nd grade), Christian (2 years old) and Joel yet to be born came to me and said "Daddy you cannot tell us anything about college because you only earned 1 A in high school” and laughed about it. They were making fun of my story and letting me know that to them their daddy's story mattered in the area of education.

After that conversation, I realized that the story I had written was not good enough for them.  I had to do something. This made education become more important to me. They were saying, "Dad, we will make it in spite of and despite your performance." This period at the end of my educational story had to change. In 2009, I was blessed with an opportunity to begin a new sentence in the area of education. In August 2009, my story read John ‘The U-Can! Man’ Isom (DAD) was pursuing a college education. A BS Degree in Sociology became my story's new adventure. Wow!

By December 7, 2013, my story ended with  ‘The U-Can! Man’ Isom (DAD)  graduated from College, Valdosta State University, with a BA Sociology and a Minor in African American Studies.

The biggest part of the success of the Isom family—me graduating with honors, Josh earning a master's degree, Caleb transferring to UGA and doing great with a 4.0 GPA, all of my children—brought Joy.

The success that we have can in part be contributed to a common denominator my book, Graduating With Honors If I-Can, U-Can!. That book is on each of our cell phones. When we need a reminder, when we need to be uplifted, when we need that Mentor right there with us giving us words of encouragement, when we need the extra push, the tools to succeed--we already have it in the palm of our hands.

America I task each of you to get that same tool for yourself to help with your success because it is within your reach, you can have it in your grasp, literally. Pull out your phones because I know each of you have one, and go to You can type in the name of my book or type John Isom and get that tool--use that tool when you think you need that extra push; when you need those words of encouragement from The U-CAN! Man and he's not right next to you to give you those words, pull it up on your phone-my words are in that book along with a number of other individuals testimonies that can help you just as much if not more than it has helped me and my family.

America always remember, If I-Can, U-Can!

the U-Can Man's family

This is the Story that I (The U-Can! Man) am writing and I have learned my story matters.

  Everybody life story matters!   What about yours?   What about your Family?
What about your Friends? What about your Future?

"It's never too late to rewrite your story." - The Genius

“The Story U-Are Writing Matters!"

u-can man Graduating With Honors 3G Degree

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Karen Isom Ongoing Story


The U-CAN! Man Past Moment In History Reflection

I am looking forward to December 2018

Bible It Associate Pastor John Wallace Isom Jr.

December 2016 Life Reflection

Ten Yes Or No Questions For You
Jeremiah 32:27 & Matthew 9:28

1. Are you in the Place of God? Yes or No
2. Is there anything too hard for God? Yes or No
3. Did God give you the Spirit of Fear? Yes or No
4. Is God slack concerning his promise? Yes or No
5. Has God ever left you alone? Yes or No
6. Has God ever forsaken you? Yes or No
7. Has God ever lied to you? Yes or No
8. Has God ever mislead you? Yes or No
9. Is God directing your path in the wrong direction? Yes or No
10. Do you believe God is able to do what he told you? Yes or No

The first 9 questions were asked Labor Day 2007. Question 10 was asked December 2016. For me the answer for questions 1-9 is No and the answer for question 10 is YES! What are your answers?

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God's Game Forever

December 2017 Life Reflection

 “John Go And Preach My Word, I Like The Way You Do It.”

In Winter 1993 around November, I was at home sleeping one night. I clearly remember having a dream/vision. In the vision, I was on some type of cloud and being pursued by somebody. I remember looking for ways to get away from my pursuer and finally I decided to jump. After jumping I was lowered down toward the earth and saw a picture of the earth around fall season. The trees had golden brown leaves and it was a perfect scene. There was no noise and I felt a comforting safe feeling as I was being lowered down toward the picture of golden leaves I was seeing. Then out of nowhere a voice said

“John Go And Preach My Word, I Like The Way You Do It.”

I immediately woke up from my sleep and ran to my wife, Karen, who was in the bathroom doing her hair and said “Karen God just called me to the Word of God.” She was the first person I shared this with. On the 28 Day of December 2017 I was led to share this part of my 53 Year young life story. The Key to my life going forward is obeying God's command and believing what God said.

Command: “John Go And Preach My Word”

What God Said: “I Like The Way You Do It.”

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