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On Dec 19, 2007 10:15 AM, John Isom Jr <> wrote:
Father God I come now in the name of Jesus Christ thanking You for Being God. Lord Jesus Christ, I ASK you for Help in starting and Completing The Training/Education/Ministry that Union Cathedral, Lord now that I am retired You have place me in a Mnistry that Has decided to Place me in a Very Well Thought Out MinisterTraining program, after 15 Years of Being a License Minister I Thank You for helping me feel like I am up to the Challenge in YOU of Course. Help Me Lord Jesus Christ,

1: June 1977 you came to the Mercy seat Wednesday Night during 1st Week Prayer Meeting and You saved me at UNION Branch Methodist Church Monticello Fla,
2: Then Sept 1997-1992 had me join ST Paul Primitive Baptist Church (Pastor Richard Mathews)Tallahassee's FL ,
3: Then join Shiloh MB Church 1992-1993 under Pastor Trenton Lewis.
4: Then Jan 1993 join Friendship MB Church and do my 1st Initial public sermon 4th Sunday in Feb 1994 You had me do my first public Sermon at Friendship Baptist Church Tifton GA. Lord You had me receive my 1st training as a Minister under Pastor Melvin McDaniel.
5: Then I thank You for Sending to Shiloh MB Church 1994-1995 under Pastor CV Jetter Indianapolis IN,
6: Then Brookland Baptist Church, 1995-1997 under Pastor Charles B. Jackson.
7: Then Royal Baptist Church 1997-2001 under Pastor Isaac Holt,
8:Then New Hope MB Church 2001-2004, Under Pastor OC Jones,
9: Then Silas First Baptist Church 2004-Dec 2007 under Pastor Jessie E Young
10: Now UNION Cathedral under Bishop Wade McCrae Dec 2007, 30 Years later WOW! (15 Years as a Licensed Minister)

Now Lord Jesus I come now in obedience to You who commanded me to Join this Church Family 2004, to say thanks for bringing me and my family back Home to the Church. Lord Jesus Christ when you commanded me to join this Family You did not give me any details so it is in that manner I come here as I have had at the previous 5 churches that You directly Commanded me to join. Lord I ask You to help me be blessing to this Body You have chosen, I pray that as we settle down after 25 Years 5 months and 1 day of Active duty Military service to our nation that You help me and us offer You Lord Jesus Christ many more as a family than these. Lord Thank You for bring me through a M16 Gunshot wound May 1983 in Germany, Car Accident 1990 where my friend died in the Car I was Driving, Gun point in 1987 with the police in front and back lock and loaded, 4 major surgeries, 4 bleeding Ulcers, and many more (Issues) that you have brought me THROUGH, Lord Jesus as the old hymn says THROUGH many dangers toils and snares YOU Brought me THROUGH I pause to say Thank You.

Now Lord Jesus Christ I come boldly before Your throne of Grace to find help in time of need. Lord I ASK You to help me with this Minster Training Program at UNION, Lord I pray for The Servant Leader Dr. G.A . Williams, Jr. Lord Bless him with All that He needs as You send in Droves of New Hired Labours at Union. Lord Help me To go THROUGH the entire Program and help others alone the way. Lord Jesus Christ You had Pastor CV Jetter tell me 1995 about this plan, telling to complete my Service then Go to School. Lord it has and is coming to pass. Help Me to keep my Life Goal in View "That I My Know Him" Though this Season of Harvesting in Knowledge about You Lord Jesus in my life. Lord Help my Family to find there place in You at Union. I place our entire name on this Prayer Request then I will go in Faith Do in Faith and Live in Faith and Most of all Walk by Faith n God.

Lord Keep us at Our New Church Home Union Cathedral:
John Isom (43)- saved 1977
Karen Isom (38) saved 1994
Joshua Isom (14) saved 1999
ToCaleb Isom (11) saved 2007
Joy Isom (5) Praying to God to Save
Christian Isom (9 months) Praying to God to Save
(Next) Only God Knows

Lord Jesus Christ I proverbs 3:5-6 us Now Help Us to Trust in The Lord with all our hearts and lean not to our own understanding, In all our ways acknowledge Him and Lord You promise that You shall direct our paths. Lord Jesus Christ I love You and I praise You for all you are about to do at and through Union the rest of 2007 and beyond. I love You Lord Jesus Christ and I praise Your Holy Name. Bless Bishop Wade McCrae to be all that You would have Him to be as He leads this Body that You have place him in position to lead, Bless Him that we may be bless, Keep Him that We may be Kept, Lead Him that We may be lead, Train Him that We may be Train, Guide Him Lord Jesus Tha We may be Guided, and Most of ALL Strengthen Him with You Power from on High that We all may be Strengthen. This I pray in the Mighty Matchless name of Jesus Christ Amen and Amen.

Your Child John Wallace Isom Jr

Then he said unto his disciples, " The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." Matthew 9:37-38,NIV

Title:    College for Knowledge Excitement
  Sub-Title: African American Male, U-CAN! Graduate from College.
  Big Question:     Are You Excited?
  Scheduled Release: July 2010
This is The U-Can! Man LLC survey created for my upcoming book. Please answer all the questions that apply to you. I am calling this The U-Can! Man Poll (TUMP). The results will be tallied and posted in my book. I have been told that only 2 out of 10 African American males who begin college will graduate. I am in my first year at South Georgia College on the Valdosta State University Campus in Valdosta, GA. I have three other African American males in my home (Joshua, 16; Caleb, 14; Christian, 3) who hopefully will attend college. It is my goal to present a method/strategy to help keep me from becoming one of the 8 out of 10 who do not graduate. I also wish to increase the percentage of African American males who finish college from 20 to 25 percent within five years.

Thank you for participating in this survey. Please feel free to email or call me with additional comments. U-CAN!

African American Male______  African American Female__________ Other_____________


1)    What is exciting to you?

2)    What excites you about college?

3)    What would excite you about completing college?

4)    Have you graduated from college? If so, what excited you about graduating?

5)    Are you currently enrolled in college? If so, are you excited or not about your current situation? Why?

6)    What does not appeal to you about college?

7)    Which would appeal to you more: a professor-taught presentation, or a distance-learning alternative such as online classes?

8)    How are these learning methods similar or different?

9)    If you were a college president, how would you encourage enthusiasm?

10)  Are you or have you ever been a college professor? If so, what are some methods you’ve used to engage your students?

11)  What is the most important factor allowing you to do your best in college?

12)  How important is your academic success to your excitement about school?

2 December 2013 Letter from The U-Can! Man Eldest Brother Mr Kenneth Washington

Since I won't be in attendance, I did send you a card that you should receive prior to Saturday. Attaining my college degree will always rank as a great personal achievement. I spent many hours after work going to college (7:30 - 10:30) at nearby community colleges and at military installations. I attained
my degree the old fashion way - I earned it. But my college degree was the means to an end-state - improve my standard of living while opening doors to promotions and economic opportunities that advance the well-being of my family. No one puts forth the long hours and many sacrifices to attain a
college degree to sit on the counter and collect dusk. We do it with the hope of getting great paying jobs, to better understand the society we must compete in and to obtain a greater perspective of how we fit into the economic engine of America.

My education help me understand the job market; provide insight on how to prepare loan requests for a business plan; ascertain whether or not there was a market for my services and or product; and determine what share of the market I could take advantage of in the forms of an entrepreneur. It also improved my ability to communicate while developing a great sense of self-confidence. Some people want to write but I am an individual blessed with the talent to write but has not figured out how to make a profit with that skill. I have as many as a 12 compositions I have started but why waste my time and money with manuscripts if I can't move the books out of storage to make a living. Education is about opportunities to excel and maximize our abilities in a capitalist society. I am so hopeful that your college education will posture you to walk through economic doors of opportunity that improves the standard of living for your family.

It is a man's primary goal to provide for his family. Economic opportunities (jobs that compensate for skill sets) are how we reach that goal. College education is designed to move barriers to economic opportunities...if it doesn't achieve that feat then the importance of education soon erodes. John, celebrate your personal achievement on Saturday but I am hopeful that you have opportunities to cash in on your achievement so degree doesn't simply collect dusk with the question sometime in the future...was those long hours and many sacrifice worth it. Today, I can say that my education has proved invaluable in posturing me to provide for my family while feeling great about myself as a man. It is my
prayer at the end of the day that in the very near future you will be able to look at your family and echo those same sentiments. Congratulations on your personal achievement as a college graduate.

Ken Washington

A Letter to America's School Children/Young Americans
From The U-CAN! Man
March 1st, 2018

"We need to make america feel safe"

"He did not let his friend be forgotten"

"We can do anything as long as we try"

"Your doing what they can't in a postive way"

"Its a sad day when kids can't feel safe when they go to school. We need to do something"

-Ms. Confident


"You have to Enjoy Life"

"You can’t take life for granted"

"Everybody life matters"

"The fallen continuing the fallen legacy is a great tribute to them"

"The do what they can't  acronym when done will inspire people"