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I wanted to record some of the great things and outstanding wisdom shared with the U-Can Man. July 2009 - Present. I hope and highly recommend to you. This page is dedicated to modification team. I hope you consider strongly allowing help you in your business endeavors.
Thank you MC Recorder for helping me record this dedication for the magnificant modification team.



Theories of The Mods Team
DVD Theory
-"Always remember before you speak or take action in life. It's hard to unring a bell."
- The U-Can Man & DVD

Too Much Theory
 "Through collaboration and cooperation the ideas and strategies presented creates elaboration. This produces a better understanding for all team members helping them to engage the ideas and strategies."
- The U-Can Man & Too Much
Great Work Theory
"The Affirmation theory is to have trust and faith in yourself and others, and others will have trust and faith in you."
-The U-Can! Man and Great Work
The Musician Theory
"The theory is, sometimes you have to engage in some self-compassion. Even when no one else is showing you kindness or gentleness, you can still show it to yourself."
-The U-Can! Man and The Musician
THE Man Theory
"Consistency is the Key to the Door of Success. The door may be hard to open, but you'll never get in if you don't keep pushing forward."
-The U-Can! Man and THE Man
The Recorder Theory
"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
- The U-Can! Man and MC Recorder
Set Up Man Theory
"The world has already been set up by Christ, through Christ and for Christ; all you have to do is find Him in it and follow his lead."
- The U-Can Man & Set Up Man




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