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The U-Can! Man

Thank you for the past 8 years of taking the thoughts from the U Can Man's Heart, Mind and Soul and making them a reality for America to see the hope that I give. Without you, Modifications Team, there would be no The U Can Man. Many times I called and had no idea how I wanted my words, my ideas, or my strategies to look like. However, after every phone call and after every conversation, I left not only with an outstanding product but with confidence.

Finally, Modifications Team, as I have promised almost every one of you from July 2009 until today, I will make every effort to let the CEO know that I give hope, but it was that gave me hope. Thank you Modifications Team and know that I will let Mr. Brown and the whole entire USA know that is the bomb and that is the place to be. It is my desire and my goal to go around America and the world and recruit as many people and business owners as I can to come join the team. I now know 8 years later that there's nobody better.


8 years later Web.Com & The U-Can! Man Meet Face To Face

years later I had the pleasure of visiting head quarters in Jacksonville, Florida. This day will be a day I will never forget, for I met the awesome Modification Department Managers, Doug and Thomas. It was a meeting that fueled the U-Can Man to go another 8 years with! Doug and Thomas made me feel as if I were the most important customer in the world. This only validated what I had been experiencing the past 8 years with the modification team members, who always took their opportunities of helping beyond normal standards and made sure I was well taken care of. Now I know where the team's awesome attitude, positivity, excitement and motivation come from.. The leadership! Finally I plan to let CEO Mr.Brown know this personally in the future!

Thank you Doug and Thomas.

Because of you, I have hope! is the Bomb!




So, We say Thank You and this Power  Of You salute is for U.


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"I Give Hope"  By    "Helping People"

July 27, 2010, 1:50 a.m.

            "A living dream,  continuing to be true and alive." In October 1982, in Freiburg, Germany, the U-Can! Man (Private John Wallace Isom Jr) was asked by the military Educational Advisor, "What is your life dream?" I remember saying, at the age of 18, "I want to help people." That dream was born in me before I joined the Army on May 10, 1982, and lived through me during my 25-plus year career that ended on December 1, 2007. My dream was consistent, no matter how I was (or wasn't) treated. Now, three years after my retirement, God is granting me the DESIRES of my heart (Psalm 37:4) and keeping the U-Can! Man's dream alive. The dream was and is simply this: "I want to help people." Now, what is your dream? Is it true and alive today? Do not let yourself get sidetracked. People may be depending on your dream coming alive and staying alive.

John Wallace Isom Jr

The U-Can! Man