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the U-Can Man's family

8 Years of Extreme Adversity


   March 2009  Family Picture         (7 Years Later)       July 2015 Family Picture    

 Christian, Mother, Father, Joy, Joshau, & Caleb  - March 2009                        Christian, Mother, Father, Joy, Joshau, Caleb, Joel, Aunt Clara- July 2015



 1: Joshua Isom (24) Our 1st Born Arrow

12 May 2017 University Of North Carolina Tarheels Master Degree Graduation

(Isom Family Educational Foundation/Pace Setter/High Bar Creator)

Spring 2015 University Of Georgia Bulldogs Graduate

August 2016 Update - Successfully Started 2nd Year Of Grad School At UNC

      Joshua J, Isom Met UNC's Chancellor Carol Folt 7 October 2016, WOW! 

Joshua J, Isom Met UNC's Basketball Coach Roy Williams November 2016, WOW!

         2011 Honor Grad Lowndes County High School Vikings              2015 Honor Grad UGA                        2015-Present Grad School UNC


The Perfect "Power of You" Example

"Go for what you want don't wait"
{Created 5th Grade}

"Grind hard in silence. Let the results do the talking"
- Joshua Isom Gradschool

Joy Isom

Christian & Joel

4: Christian Isom (10) Our 5th Born Arrow

Westside Elementary Pre-k through 5th grade excited about education, runs to the bus every morning

5: Joel Isom (5) Our 5th Born Arrow

Westside 1st Grade on fire and excited about education, runs to the bus every morning

Breaking Isom Family News Joel Isom Is One Of Westside Elem School Viking Leaders September 2017

Joel Is Off To A Good Start. Joel U-CAN!


Written By Joel Isom
Written By Joel Isom (Pre-K) On 18 April 2016 For His Home Mom/Teacher Karen Yvette Isom 

Joel Off To A Good Start 2016-2017 School Year


"We have been busy as bees this week learning lots of new things! I need to brag on this class for a minute. I truly believe that this is one of the most well behaved classes I have ever had for this early in the year! Everyone is trying really hard to work together. The students have fallen quickly into our routine and I am enjoying getting to know them! I have an activity I would like to do next week with Play Doh. I opened the cabinet to make sure I had some and it's all dried up! ? If anyone would be willing to donate some Play Doh to our class, we have lots of cool things we can use it for! Any color is fine. It's GREAT for learning skills and strengthening those hand muscles to improve fine motor skills and pencil grasp. I appreciate you sharing your sweet children with me!" -- *Jennifer Swain* *Kindergarten* Westside Elementary School

18 August 2016

Jennifer Swain

Westside Elementary School

Karen Isom Quote

6: Karen (Wilson) Isom My God Given Bride Of 25 Years

Karen Isom

Young Karen Dating Wedding Day Karen and John

     Lowndes High School Vikings Class of 1988 Graduate,

Demanded our children attend Lowndes County School
systems after we retired from the Army in 2007.

10 Years later I see why, the proof is in the pudding.

Go Vikings Go!

Thanksgiving 2016 Karen Showed Out See Below All  7 Family Members were Present and Enjoyed.God Is Good! Karen U-Can!

7: John “The U-Can! Man” Isom, The Happiest Man on Earth