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My Family Before One Hour Of Hope 25 July 2009


One Hour Of Hope For America  Introduction




Word Of God (Scripture Acts 27) Elder Williams



Union Cathedral Greater Doves Dancers) 



Lights-Camera-Actions Charge To America


Encourage Yourself In The Lord Song/Dance



Return To Honor: A Soldier Story Author Lorraine Thomas


Trust God Whatever You Do, Pastor Jerry Brown



 Anthony Williams Singing "Hero" To The U-Can! Man Bride



America Do Not Be Afraid Message Bishop Wade S. McCrae



U-Can!  Poem Created By A Union Cathedral Youth


The U-Can! Man LLC Ribbion Cutting


Book Signing After One Hour Of Hope


Enjoying After One Hour of Hope


Asking People To Purchase My Book


I have Treasure In Me, WOW!

My Family After One Hour Of Hope 10 Years Results

The U-Cann Man and Obama Collage

                                               About the Author (Exert From Book #1)

                                                     The U-Can! Man Message of HOPE, U-CAN!

Dear Friends, There's Superman, Batman, Ironman, Spiderman, and, last but not least, the U-Can! Man! All of these figures exist to bring hope, but only one is a real person, a real soldier, a real family man, and a real business owner. It is my desire that the message at the end of this book will inspire you with HOPE and let you know that U-CAN! Did you know that you have the power to turn your dreams and ambitions into your life's guiding force, to begin every day with strong motivation and end every day with strong satisfaction, to communicate effectively so you can guide and minister to others? Through a lifetime of experience serving God, Giving Hope to others, I have learned the secrets that will allow anyone to unlock his or her true potential, and I would love to share these HOPE secrets with you, your church, group, or organization. The Lord has assured us that nothing is impossible, and no matter where you come from or what you're attempting to achieve, it is my belief that U-CAN! Remember that God has plans for you! Keep HOPE alive by having an ATTITUDE that is: H- Hopeful O- Optimistic P- Peaceful E- Expectant For over twenty-five years, I served in the United States Army, including service as both an army recruiter and a chaplain recruiter. While I retired from the Army in 2007, I still work as a consultant, striving to provide mentoring, counseling, and encouragement to suit the needs of People. I have three years' experience as a youth pastor, serving as the youth leader of the Mount Calvary District Association of Kentucky. I am a Baptist Minister and a motivational speaker, sharing the U-CAN! Message of HOPE.   


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The U-Can! Man :
John Wallace Isom Jr, Georgia 

Pastor/Spiritual Advisor:
Bishop Wade S. McCrae, Georgia

Project Leader/Graphic Designer:
Cirena Evenson, Illinois

Manifested Destiny Advisor:
Reginald Isom, Florida

Author/publisher Advisor :
Lorraine Thomas, Georgia

Editor Advisor:
Mandie Gossage, Illinois

Intercessory Prayer Warrior Advisor:
Ethel Doyle, Maine

Mentor and Coach Advisor:
Coach Carla, Georgia

Acts  1  2  3

Iron Sharpens Iron Advisor:
Darryl Smith, Ohio

CPA/Financial Advisor:
Michelle Hayes, Georgia

Senior Advisor:
Karen Y Isom (Bride of 25 Years), Georgia

Wife / Bride Salute 1 2 3

Business Advisor:
Edward Carter, Georgia

Encouragement Journal  1  &  2

Joshua Isom  22,
North Carolina

Keeping it Simple Advisors:
Caleb Isom 20 

Keeping it Simple Advisors:  
Joy  Marie Isom 14, Georgia


Keeping it Simple Advisors:
Christian Isom  9, Georgia

Keeping it Simple Advisors
Joel Isom 5, Georgia

The U-Can! Man Family
2009 and 2016