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I Am Ready To Give Hope! Thanks President Myrna Ballard

President Myrna Ballard

President Myrna Ballard thank you for asking me the question that changed me and my family life for ever June 2009.

    "John what do You do?"

You then spent almost one hour that day helping me determine what I did / offered the business community. You had me meet Ms Suzanne Barnett, Director of the UGA SBDC at Valdosta State University and a member of the faculty at Valdosta State University the month of July 2009. We meet for 4 Mondays an at the end of the process I was informed the answer to your question.

"John what do You do?"

"I Give Hope"

July 2009 This Website Began

President Ballard 8 Years later I am thankful for your investment in The U-Can! Man.  I am ready to Give America Hope. I had no idea America would be in this position of so many Americans crying out for hope. As I go Forward Know that You are my Inspiration.

President Ballard I Am Ready To Show and Tell America U-Can!

Thank You.

Ps: Thanks For Never Being To Busy To Share Valuable Time With The U-Can Man. I 100% of the time knew In the Valdosta-Lowndes County 5-Star Chamber Of Commerce The U-Can! Man Was and Is Valued.

 John Wallace Isom Jr
 The U-Can! Man

 College Graduate 7 Dec 2013, Valdosta State University

BA Sociology, Minor African American Studies

1st Book: Return To Honor: A Soldier Story

2nd Book Graduating With Honors: If I-Can, U-Can!

3rd Book My Advice Of All Time

Memberships & Affiliations            

2007 Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce

2012 National Society of Leadership Success

2013 Who’s Who Class Among College Students

2014 VSU Phi Kappa Phi. Honorary Society

"John as you continue to grow always remember,

It's Not About Myself, It's About Ours! - It's Not About Me, It's About We! - It's Not About I, It's About Us! - Always THINK BIG!"

December 2007

Valdosta-Lowndes County 5-Star Chamber Of Commerce President Myrna Ballard

President Myrna Ballard

2007-Present President and CEO of Valdosta Chamber Myrna Ballard

Is One Key Example of  A Person / Team Bringing Out The Best In  and From John "The U-Can! Man" Isom

"John Always Remember To: Think Big

Click On Picture Below To Hear Her Aweseome Moody Air Force Base Desire / Challenge To Bring Out The Best

Myrna Ballard

Fall Semester 2013 Valdosta State University Blazer Graduates Fall Semester 2013 Valdosta State University Blazer Graduate, U-Can! Man U-Can! Man


I thank God for placing two persons in my life to speak to my future. From 2007 to the present, they have both kept my dream

of helping people alive. Now, I’m giving honor where honor is due. Dr. Chet Ballard and President Myrna Ballard, I am grateful and happy. See your well-deserved salute at

President Myrna H. Ballard

Valdosta-Lowndes Chamber of Commerce

416 North Ashley Street | Valdosta GA 3160 

10 Ways She Help The Best In Me Come Out

  1. September 2007- President Ballard welcomed me into the Valdosta-Lowndes Chamber of Commerce family.
  2. July 2009- President Ballard helped me to finally pursue higher education. After our meeting that July, I created I also met her awesome and amazing husband, Dr. Chet Ballard, at VSU.
  3. President Ballard stated, “John, your children will be watching you, and your example will inspire them.” See the Special Parent Recognition below for one of many examples—WOW!
  4. In August 2009, I started college, and ended up taking on an added mission regarding gun violence (see
  5. November 2009- I launched my first “Do What They Can’t” model (see
  6. December 2013- I completed my “Do What They Can’t” model #1 (see
  7. I wrote Sidney Bivins Jr. a six-year update letter in my book that was released in February 2015 (see
  8. I delivered results and kept my promise to my fallen classmate Sidney Bivins Jr. (see
  9. President Ballard encouraged me to speak with all my college presidents. See the wisdom I gained at
  10. Throughout all of this, President Ballard always drilled it into me that I needed to THINK BIG
Professor of Sociology

10 Ways He Help The Best In Me Come Out

Valdosta State University

Professor of Sociology

Coordinator of the M.S. Sociology Degree Program  

Ph.D. (Sociology), Texas A & M University, 1980

  1. June 2015- Dr. Ballard helped me see the light about a bad decision and made me take a second look at my life’s destiny.
  2. July 2015- After resting, I remembered my true destiny/assignment (see
  3. July 2015- I launched my second “Do What They Can’t” model, with a plan to invite America to join me (see
  4. August 1, 2015- I launched out to ATTACK the assignment God gave me in 2002 and focus on it full time.
  5. August 14, 2015- Bishop Wade S. McCrae elevated me to Associate Pastor.
  6. While the results of all of this are to be determined, I 100% believe, as President Myrna Ballard has imprinted into my heart, mind, and soul, “John, the results will be HUGE!”
  7. Dr. Ballard gave me my after-college goal: “You have learned a lot, and your challenge with your sociology degree is to go out and be a ‘do-gooder.’ If you can create a one-size-fits-all product, you will be able to help solve problems around the world.”
  8. Dr. Ballard always challenged me to exceed the standard by doing my best every day.
  9. Dr. Ballard taught me to think critically about applying my sociology degree.
  10. Dr. Ballard was and is straightforward with me concerning how I perform tasks assigned, providing both good and bad feedback. From day one, I always knew where I stood in his classroom.
I am excited about being on task again. Thanks again, Dr. Chet Ballard and President Myrna Ballard! I will let Valdosta, America, and the world know about people working together for the greater good.