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In 2002, I was given an assignment to go home and tell my friends what good things had happened to me throughout my life.

I retired from the army in 2007, came home to my Ten City area, and started preparing myself for my assignment. In 2009, I took a break and went to college for five years. One of the best things that happened to me was when I was introduced to in July of 2009. This website has captured many great things that have happened to me from 2009 to the present. 

It is my goal at the start of 2017 to get back on my assignment. This page is the one I plan to share with all of the ten cities on prupose and I want everyone in my ten cities to know and always remember:



Thank you Andi, "The Musician" for your outstanding work, creativity, and music. My ten cities will be the better because of it. You are one of the reasons why I highly recommend


 "The theory is, sometimes you have to engage in some self-compassion. Even when no one else is showing you kindness or gentleness, you can still show it to yourself."

-The U-Can! Man and The Musician


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