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Family, friends gathered to remember loved one
Kaliegh Ottis, 19, remembered  By Amaka Ubaka
News Article Published June, 2013

"Courtney Sexton remembers her fellow Alpha Delta Pi sorority member as always being happy.  "I know she affected my life more than anyone else and she will always be my little sis."  Kaliegh Ottis loved volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House and her church, as well as cheerleading.  And although they can't bring her back, family and friends say they will carry on her motto "Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle".

"John "The U-Can! Man" Isom 52 Year View Of PRAYER

Click On Both Praying Hands See God Answered Prayer (GAP)

Prayer Hands

Prayer Is The Work

W - Will Of God

O -  Observing The Word

R -  Relying On God

K -  Key To God

Prayer Is The Word

W -  Will Of The Word

O -  Obeyed By The Word

R -   Requested By The Word

D -   Done By The Word

Prayer Is The Want

W - Wanting  God More

A - Addressing God More 

N - Needing God More

T - Telling God More

Prayer Hands

Blue Team Banner

I 100% Believe God Caused Bishop Vashti McKenzie To:

Challenged me to live four sermons she delivered in 2007 and One In 2009

God Commanded Me To Retire 31 Dec 2006 In 2007

God Had Me Meet Bishop Vashti McKenzie Feb 2007

God Had Me Hear A Total Of 5 Sermons In Person

God Has Blessed Me To Live Every Drop Of Good

God Is Good And My 1st Decade Is Complete

I Am Excited About What God Is Up To 2016 And Beyond

Click On Picture ToBishop McKenzieMeet Bishop McKenzie

                                                                                          Is Recording The Results

                                                             Retired 30 November 2007 And Started Attacking The Challenge

1) Be a River and a Reservoir- Ezekiel 47:1-13 (Feb 2007, Boston)

2) Be about Preaching Good News in Hard Times- Exodus 4:10-12 (June 2007, Hampton)

3) Realize that Our Lord Jesus Majors in Change- 1 Samuel 2:13-23 (June 2007, Hampton)

4) Pray Always and Live Every DROP of Good- Ephesians 6:19-20 and Romans 8:28 (June 2007, Hampton)

5) Seek First the Kingdom of God Operating Systems- Mathew 6:33 (January 2009, Louisiville KY)

6) Accepted The 10% Challenge 7 June 2016

7) Prayer Request To God: Help me continue doing my retirement marching orders adding The 10% Challange June 2016
          Bishop McKenzie  Fax To President ObamaCelebrating 10 Years

Bible ItU-Can Banner

Assignment Given By God To John Isom Jr August 2002 In Valdosta Georgia. Start Date In the Year 2008

And when he was come into the ship, he that had been possessed with the devil prayed him that he might be with him. Howbeit Jesus suffered him not, but saith unto him,

                                                                         1: Go home to thy friends, and

                                                                         2: Tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee,

                                                                         3: And hath had compassion on thee.

And he departed, and began to publish in Decapolis how great things Jesus had done for him: and all men did marvel. Mark 5:18-20 (King James Version)

                              Florida 5 (Blue Team)         Georgia 5 (Red Team)
                              1: Monticello FL                  1: Valdosta GA

                              2: Tallahassee FL                2: Tifton GA

                              3: Jasper FL                       3: Thomasville GA

                              4: Madison FL                    4: Hommerville GA

                              5: Lake City FL                   5: Moultrie GA

One Great Thing The Lord Done Blessed Me With A Good First Pastor 1977-1983

Elder Richard Mathews, Sr. of Tallahassee Florida March 20, 1912 - March 11, 2015 (102 Years Young)

St. Paul P.B. Church, Miccosukee, FL    Click On Picture For Obituary

Elder Richard R Mathews

Honoring The Late Elder Richard R Mathews

Elder Richard R Mathews

22 March 2015

Elder Richard A Mathews was my home Church Pastor 1977-1983. I was born again June 1977 at Union Branch AME Church Monticello Florida. Elder Mathews became my first Pastor September 1977 caring for my soul and 11 other family members. Elder Mathews was present for my intial sermon Feb 1994 at Friendship MB Church Tifton GA. He often took time out to share wisdom with me that I use today. At his homegoing service 21 March 2015 ONE thing stuck with me that i did not know. It was revealed "Elder Richard R Mathew pastored 5 Churches and added to them all. He left all 5 debt free. He also left in such away He could return. During one revival Elder Mathews saw God add 57 souls to the Church, He baptized them all." God thank you for allowing me to know an see our 102 year old Pastor demonstrate your servant well done example.

1:  St. Nora Primitive Baptist Church, Wakulla County

2:  Pilgrim Rest P.B. Church in Wakulla County

3:  St. Mary P.B. Church No. 2, Tallahassee, FL

4:  Friendship Primitive Baptist Church, Tallahassee, FL

5:  St. Paul P.B. Church, Miccosukee, FL.

6:   Elder Mathews also served as Moderator of the Old West Florida Primitive Baptist Church Annual   Union and the Leon County Fifth Sunday Union for more than 50 years. 

20 Used/remembered Wisdom nuggets shared with

Brother John Wallace Isom Jr from Elder Richard R Mathews 

  1. Remember The Lord Jesus In everything you do
  2. God is able weather you believe it or not.  He is able so believe it!
  3. God got everything you need
  4. Remember God is not mocked you will reap everything you sow
  5. Do not hang around wrong doing preachers, you may become like them
  6. Trust In God He is the Way Truth And Life
  7. Take care of that gal (My Wife) treat her like the bible say treat her
  8. When you preach start out slow and build up until you strike a fire then sit  down
  9. Take care of your children
  10. God will take care of You
  11. If God said it that’s it, stand on what God say in His word
  12. Do not add to or take away from the bible, it’s the Word of God
  13. Do get to big for your britches
  14. Your Dad and Mom are good people learn from them
  15. Do not let people or promotion ruin you because they can
  16. Always remember without God You can do nothing
  17. Do not get involved with mess, because your word is your bond
  18. Make sure you always preach Jesus
  19. Remember everything shiny is  not gold
  20. I know heaven is my home.

Elder Mathews shared so much more with me, I just pray to God I can have a record of a Honored Life lived here on earth.


Enjoy My Life Sermon Through Pictures

Bible It

Subject: Great Things God Done For Me Through The Word of God

"God Did These 20 Great Things Below And More WOW!"

Jesus Shirt

Remember This Shirt You Purchased in 1995

                                                                     a. Rev CV Jetter Told You (In Indiana)

                                                                     b. Rev Dinkins Told You (In Indiana)                                        (1)

                                                                     c. Rev John Isom Sr Told You (In Florida)

Jeremiah 32:17

September 2007 I Told God:

                                                                    a. You are Sovereign Lord

                                                                    b. You are Powerful Lord                                                        (2)

                                                                    c. There is nothing to hard for You God

Jeremiah 32:37

Later that day in 2007 God ask me:

                                                                    a. John do you believe I am God of all?

                                                                    b. John have I let you down before?                                     (3)

                                                                    c. John Is there anything to hard for God?

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

God reminded me June 2004 That He Told Me:

                                                                   a. Rejoice Always

                                                                   b. Pray Always                                                                    (4)

                                                                   c. Give Thanks Always

Job 42:10

Remember June 2004 God Gave Me Highway 42:10

                                                                         a. John pray for your friends

                                                                         b. John pray for your enemy friends                                  (5)

                                                                         c. John pray  for friend friends

2 Corinthians 4:1-12

Remember What Sister Kyte Told You January 2005

                                                                  a. Do what you are suppose to do

                                                                  b. In the power of the Holy Spirit                                                (6)

                                                                  c. Leave the results to God

Jeremiah 15:16

Remember The Word Chaplain (MAJ) Dave Bowlus gave you in 2006

                                                                 a. He said John I like how you eat the Word of God

                                                                 b. He said John keep on eating the Word of God                              (7)

                                                                 c. He said God Word is the best food You will ever eat.

Psalm 73:25-26

John Remember You Said This Also In 2004

                                                              a. John You keep on desiring God

                                                              b. John You keep on desiring The Word Of God                              (8)

                                                              c. John You keep on desiring the things of God

God Is Preparing Your Table

Remember Bishop Wade S McCrae Message 31 December 2015

                                                                    a. God has a blessing

                                                                    b. With my name                                                                   (9)

                                                                    c. On it


God gave:

                                                                     a. One Word For 2016 "DONE"

                                                                     b. Told Me All My Its In 2016 Were "DONE"                               (10)

                                                                     c. I believe God they are all "DONE" in 2016

U-Can Rocket

The U-Can! Man Empowerment Through Encouragement Shuttle (TUM-ETES)

                                                                        a. Team Member Mandie Gossage Name It

                                                                        b. Team Member Edward Carter Endorsed It                               (11)

                                                                        c. Team Member (Leader) Cirena Oked It

Down Arrow

                                                                           U-Can! Arrow Of Deliverance Symbol

                                                                  a. God controls the arrow results in people

                                                                  b. God controls the arrow area of influence                               (12)

                                                                  c. God controls the arrow Messager (The U-Can! Man)

U-Can Philosophy"U-CAN!" Arrow Points Meaning (Thnaks Mr Talbott)

                                                                   a. Recieve All Points

                                                                   b. Believe All Points                                                              (13)

                                                                   c. Concieve All Points

U-Can Banner

The U-Can! Man Invitation July 2008-Present

                                                                 a. I am ready to come to my 10 City assigned zonw

                                                                 b. I am ready to come and show the people U-Can!                     (14)

                                                                 c. I am ready to come and tell the people U-Can!

Return To Glory

"U-CAN" Used To Inspire History Fy 2005/06 Made Mission By the End Of 3rd Qtr (First Time Ever)

                                                                      a.Team Work

                                                                      b. Prayer Work                                                                      (15)

                                                                       c. God Work

Graduation Photo

Went from 1-A in High School  2.07 gpa (  1978-82) To 30-As in College  3.70 gpa  With Honors

                                                                         a. God did this

                                                                         b. To God be all the glory                                                      (16)

                                                                         c. With out God I can do nothing

U-Can Man Logo

The U-Can! Man Trade Mark Logo

                                                                       a. Prayer To God for help with trade mark

                                                                       b. God led me to Legal Zoom                                              (17)

                                                                       c. March 2009 The Logo was offically TradeMarked

Race To The Top

President Obama Race To The Top Program Launch June 2009

                                                                 a. God use this program to inspire me Click On 

                                                                 b. God use this program to empower me                                           (18)

                                                                 c. God use this program to encourage me

 The U-Can! Man Given Retirement Marching Orders By Bishop Vashti McKenzie

 The U-Can! Man Given Retirement Marching Orders By Bishop Vashti McKenzie

                                                Bishop McKenzie challenged me to live four sermons she delivered in 2007 and One In 2009

                                                                                    Visist  results
                                                  1) Be a River and a Reservoir- Ezekiel 47:1-13 (Feb 2007, Boston)                                      (19)
                                                  2) Be about Preaching Good News in Hard Times- Exodus 4:10-12 (June 2007, Hampton)
                                                  3) Realize that Our Lord Jesus Majors in Change- 1 Samuel 2:13-23 (June 2007, Hampton)
                                                  4) Pray Always and Live Every DROP of Good- Ephesians 6:19-20 and Romans 8:28 (June 2007, Hampton)                                                                 5) Seek First the Kingdom of God Operating Systems- Mathew 6:33 (January 2009, Louisiville KY)

Yes We Can

Faxed President Obama 30 Day Fax July 2009- See 

                                                            a. Invite him to The U-Can! Man One Hour Of Hope 25 July 2009

                                                            b. Empowered by his contact person calling me July 2009                                   (20)

                                                            c. August 2009  started my college Journey 

Click On Video To Hear / View 10 Vidoes With My Next Strategy 

These are just a few of the many Great Things God Has Done Through The U-Can! Man 2006-Present (Decade #1)