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You Are A Champion

My Theory: " Consistency is the Key to the Door of Success. The door may be hard to open, but you'll never get in if you don't keep pushing forward."

- The U-Can! Man and THE Man

Coach TUM

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Coach TUM's World Class Champion Playbook for You To Master and Use During the Life's Game

31 Wisdom Rules 37 Fuels You Can Use 101 Yes Stories Completed 101 Grind Stories Seeking


A coach is:

CONFIDENT of himself and others,
OBSERVANT of himself and others,
ACCOUNTABLE to himself and others,
CRITICALLY THINKS about himself and others,
and is

 "The theory is, sometimes you have to engage in some self-compassion. Even when no one else is showing you kindness or gentleness, you can still show it to yourself."

-The U-Can! Man and The Musician

Over the past 25 years (1992 to the present) Coach "TUM" has used this
101 Model to become
a champion of pouring praise into myself and into
others in order to spread empowerment.

USA Affirmation King or Queen How To...

101 Daily Affirmations

1. The action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.
2. Emotional support or encouragement


A- Affirm Yourself and others

F- Focus On Yourself and others

F- Fight For Yourself and others

I- Influence Yourself and others

R- Receive Yourself and others

M- Magnify Yourself and others

A- Address Yourself and others

T- Talk To Yourself and others

I- Invest in Yourself and others

O- Observe Yourself and others

N- Need Yourself and others

S- Serve Yourself and others


John Isom

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"The Affirmation theory is to have trust and faith in yourself and others, and others will have trust and faith in you."

-The U-Can! Man and Great Work

1. Wow 2. Way To Go 3. Super 4. You're Special 5. Outstanding 6. Excellent 7. Great 8. Good 9. Neat 10. Well Done
11. Remarkable 12. I knew You could Do It 13. I'm Proud of You 14. Fantastic 15. Super Star 16. Nice Work 17. Looking Good 18. Your On Top of It 19. Beautiful 20. Now You're Flying
21. You're Catching On 22. Now You Got It 23. You're Incredible 24. Bravo 25. You're Fantastic 26. Hooray For You 30. You're On Target 31. You're On Your Way 32. How Nice 33. How Smart
34. Good Job 35. That's Incredible 36. Hotdog 37. Dynamite 38. You Are Beautiful 39. You're Unique 40. Nothing Can Stop You Now 41. Good For You 42. I Like You 43. You Are A Winner
44. Remarkable Job 45. Beautiful Work 46. Spectacular 47. You're a Darling 48. You're Spectacular 49. You're Precious 50. Great Discovery 51. You've Discovered The Secret 52. You've Figured It Out 53. Fantastic Job
54. Hip Hip Hooray 55. Bingo 56. Magnificent 57. Marvelous 58. Terrific 59. You're Important 60. Phenomenal 61. You're Sensational 62. Super Work 63. Creative Job
64. You're Exciting 65. You Learned It Right 66. What In Imagination 67. What A Good Listener 68. You Are Fun 69. You Are Growing Up 70. You Tried Hard 71. You Care 72. Beautiful Sharing 73. Outstanding Performance
74. You're A Good Friend 75. I Trust You 76. You're Important 77. You Mean a Lot To Me 78. You Make Me Happy 79. You Belong 80. You've Got A Friend 81. You Make Me Laugh 82. You Brighten My Day 83. I Respect You
84. You Mean The World To Me 85. That's Correct 86. You're A Joy 87. You're A Treasure 88. You're Wonderful 89. You're Perfect 90. Awesome 91. A+ Job 92. You're A-OK, My Buddy 93. You Made My Day
94. That's the Best 95. A Big Hug 96. A Big Kiss 97. Say I Love You 98. Keep At It 99. Do It Again 100. Keep On 101. You Can

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You & Me, Myself & I

"John as you continue to grow always remember,

It's Not About Myself, It's About Ours! - It's Not About Me, It's About We! - It's Not About I, It's About Us! - Always THINK BIG!"

December 2007

Valdosta-Lowndes County 5-Star Chamber Of Commerce President Myrna Ballard

President Myrna Ballard

"John you have done a lot since arriving here in Valdosta GA.  Now Is the time to maximize your accomplishments and remember it's okay to make money. John I advise you to conduct and event to share with our Community.  This event will be your launching pad to go around your ten city area telling and now showing the people they Can!  John the Chamber will be there and perform a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for The U-Can! Man LLC. Just remember giving and sharing is a must, however it's okay to make money also. This event will be a huge foundation for your team. I am proud of You and Hope You have nothing but success.  Always remember You Can John, You Can! The Chamber is here for YOU to assist in any way we can.  John last but not least always remember to always THINK BIG!"

June 2009

Valdosta-Lowndes County 5-Star Chamber Of Commerce President Myrna Ballard

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40 Businesses


The Theory is: "Through collaboration and cooperation the Ideas and strategies presented creates elaboration. This produces a better understanding for all team members helping them to engage the ideas and strategies."
- The U-Can Man & Too Much
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The U-Can! Man Story
 Young U-Can! Man
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Team U-Can

Thank You President Barack Obama


 8 Points Updated




Facing Secret Fears


Unanswered Prayer

Hebrews 11:1

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

in-between: noun Also in-be·tween·er
1.) a person or thing that is between two extremes, two contrasting conditions, etc.:
yeses, noes, and in-betweens; a tournament for professional, amateur, and in-between.
2.) a person who handles the intermediary steps, as in a manufacturing or sales process.

in-between: adjective

1.) being between one thing, condition, etc., and another: a coat for in-between weather.

Hebrews 11:6
"But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe
that he is,
and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him."

I have learned that it’s easy to have faith at the beginning and towards the end.
However, what if you have a long period of time in-between your prayer request getting answered?
Your Faith will need to have perseverance and strength to overcome these hard times.

The question of the day is: Do you have enough Faith to wait on His answers?

Mark 11:22 says 
“And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.”
This is present tense Faith.


U-Can! Power


Return to Honor

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Graduating with Honors  

My Advice for All Times  


"God, You have granted me ideas creativity, but not money creativity.  God, You have someone with money creativity but not idea creativity. God You are preparing us both for this eventual God ordain meeting /connection. God, You have me working and showing my ideas on my website. God, You have people in place like the woman telling Namath Wife about Elisha In 2nd Kings 5th Chapter. 

I am preparing for this divine connection with my Faith In God."

21 Feb 2017/ 2:55pm Reprayed - Requested- Reminded God About The U-Can! Man Heart Desire

U-Can     Graduating with Honors   

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Self-Test for Students Proven (2009-2013) Results Below

John Wallace Isom Jr Graduated With A (2.07 GPA) C-Average in high school,
Jefferson County High School 1978-1982, Earning 1-A (10th Grade PE) During The 4 Years


Remain Positive

Act Locally

Think Globally

See Effectively R.A.T.S"

John "The U-Can! Man" Isom,

3 College Advisors Dr Maul, Dr Blake, Dr Lowney
Student: John Wallace Isom Jr, aka The U-Can! Man July 2009-December 2013
They were Super and Very Involved with My College Journey
See book: Graduating With Honor: If I-Can, U-Can! 
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South Georgia College Entry Level Program

 Located at Valdosta State University

July 2009 Failed Compass Test- Math, Reading, and English

Fall -  2009




Aug - 2009 Met Sidney Bivins Jr,
Nov - 2009 Lost To Gun Violence

Remedial English



Ms. Betts

Met Dr Tyone Bledsoe

Remedial Reading



Ms. McLendon

Met College Mentor, Mr Charles Ward

Algebra 97



Mr. Ward

Met Mr Kevin Powell

Health/Wellness for Life



Mr. Stelzer

Spring - 2010





Algebra 99



Mr. Ward


Computer Tech for Workplace



Mr. Smith


English 101



Mr. Talbot


Principles of Biology



Dr. Crowe

Summer - 2010





College Algebra



Mr. Ward


American Gov’t
(e,US/GA/His &Con


Mr. Holsworth



Fall - 2010


I was happy filled and with confidence


English 102



Mr. Talbot


US History 1865



Mr. Petrula


Intro Sociology



Dr. Paul Maul


Intro Social Problems


Dr. Paul Maul


Transferred To Valdosta State University with 4.0 GPA  (10 A's)






Spring - 2011





Intro to Anthropology


Dr. Robin Feeney


Human Communication


Dr. Mark Eaves


World Lit III: Dvlpmnt Mod Thoug


Mr. Harper


Our Hazardous Environment


Dr. Mark Grozeros

Summer - 2011





U.S. Civil Rights Movement


Ms. Morvaw


Survey Of Economics


Dr. Stevens


Fall - 2011


Principle Historical Geology



Dr. Groszos


Exploring Success



Dr. Muncy



Fundamentals of Philosophy



Dr. Santas


Spanish 1001


Ms.  Heath

Spring - 2012





Black Families



Mr. Dyer


Fundamentals Of Psychology


Dr. Hinkle


Intro Human Services


Dr.  Meacham


Spanish 1002



Ms. Heath





Summer - 2012





Intro African American Studies


Ms. Orr


Soci Analysis/Statistical App


Dr. Hand

Fall -  2012





Sociological Theory



Dr. Hand


Sociology of Sports



Dr. Ballard


Social Stratification



Dr.  Hand


Spanish 2001



Dr. Aronson

Spring - 2013





African American Studies Seminar



Dr. Walker


Applied Sociology



Dr. Slusser


Research Methods



Dr. Hochshild


Population Problems


Dr. Hand


Summer - 2013





Perspectives on Social Media


Dr. Nelson


Clinical Sociology


Ms. Wright



Fall - 2013





Studies in African American Literature



Mr. Herron


Internship in Sociology



Dr. Macheski



SOCI 4990 – Senior Capstone



Dr. Ballard


Mass Media/Popular Culture



Dr. Hochshild

Intern at the Office of Social Equity


Dr. Viverette


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