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Message For Failing Schools

"U-CAN!" Is A Statement Of Belief To Take Note Daily In Order To Help Reach Your: Destiny/Vision/Dream (DVD)

I Have Reached My (DVD) 

Welcome to The U-Can! Man Empowerment Through Encouragement Shuttle (TUM-ETES), capturing how I went from earning one A (2.07 GPA) in high school, to earning thirty A’s (3.70 GPA) in college, graduating with honors (Cum Laude). My one A was earned with no strategy, my thirty A's was earned by creating & engaging the "U-CAN!" Strategy.  This is one of over 50 strategies created from 2006-2016. "No-Strategy" is a strategy! U-CAN! Strategy helped me reach my (DVD) which seemed impossible.

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The U-Can! Man 1st African American Male Promise On Purpose Model

Brother Dallin Williams

"The U-Can! Man I will graduate from Lowndes County High School with my 2015-16 Class. This is a Promise I am making to my Parents.
I will do whatever it takes to ensure my parents are there watching me walk ACROSS that Viking stage."

  • Meeting One Hit Wonder :  June 2015
  • Meeting Location: Burger King Valdosta Georgia
  • Meeting Length: Two Hours
  • Meeting Promise Maker:  Brother Dallin Williams
  • Meeting Promise Witness: Brother Dallin Williams Repeated His Promise To His Mom (Sabrina)

Dallin Williams

Results To Be Posted May 2016

1: Dallin Williams Promise Kept  __________Yes He Did!

2: Dallin Williams Promise NOT Kept  ________________

      3: Dallin Williams Next Promise: To Be Determined By Dallin Williams

Dallin L Williams completes the first "Promise On Purpose" This is the Lowndes High School Fiftieth Commencement Program.Thanks Dallin You made it. May God bless You to go and build on your life legacy. To the parents of Dallin Great Job without your help Dallin would not have made it. To my next "Promise On Purpose" Dallin has set the standard/bar/goal/ super high. Click On Dallin picture to hear prayer for Dallin and see him walking into graduation.

June 2015 Promise On Purpose Made By Dallin Williams

"The U-Can! Man I will graduate from Lowndes County High School with my 2015-16 Class. This is a Promise I am making to my Parents. I will do whatever it takes to ensure my parents are there watching me walk ACROSS that Viking stage."

21 May 2016 Promise On Purpose Kept By Dallin Williams

The U-Can Man Future Promise On Purpose Sign -Up

Name Name Name Name
Name Name Name Name
Name Name Name Name
Name Name Name Name
Name Name Name Name

1: Promise Kept  _________________________

2: Promise NOT Kept  _____________________

3: Next Promise  _________________________

It All Started In Here!

August 2009:

John our office is here for South Georgia State College Students. Take advantage
of our many resources throughout your college journey. Remember John, it will be a journey.

August 2010:

John super first year,  your 4.0 gpa is amazing. Now remember the journey and stay focus by not getting sidetracked. You are on your way to a very successful educational journey.

August 2011:

John now that you have transferred to VSU do not become a stranger, our office is here to help you continue your life long educational journey.  Once you graduate you will put into practice the many things you have learned. Stay focused on the task at hand. Valdosta State University Staff and Faculty are here for all our students.

January 2012:

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August 2013:

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January 2014:

John keep on fine tuning your strategies. You can improve on them by doing  class presentations and/or events to keep on validating each one.  Stay focused and do not let yourself get sidetracked.

June 2015:

John your website is looking good. I can see you are not sidetracked and still focusing on expanding your goal.

22 March 2016:

John I love your website. Your strategies have  crystallized. You have come full circle as for as identifying how you desire to share your strategies. Remember you will have to strategize your strategies. I am proud of your determined search of  ways  you can help others. Remember my essential advice,  “stay focused and do not get sidetracked”. I am happy for you John, awesome job.

2017: TBD

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 Office of Social Equity

The U-Can! Man College Presentation Goal Is To:

1. Increase VSYou (Access) Enrollment (Helping Students Go)
2. Increase VSYou   (Progress) Retention (Helping Students Grow)
3. Increase VSYou (Success) Graduation (Helping Students Glow)

This goal will hopefully be achieved yearly

AT-PODS Message

Contact: (229)548-5003

 AT-PODS (AT – Possibility Opportunity Door Students) Questions. Located In 
Graduating With Honors: If I Can, U-Can! 

Many have asked me what my secret is that helped me go from a 2.07 GPA in high school to a 3.7 GPA in college. And in turn I’ve also asked many other college students performing at various levels academically what they thought was the key to scholastic success or failure. Some confided why they thought they were failing a class while others shared their tips for excelling. For five years, I asked these questions of myself and of other college students. One theme I noticed was that the students who were doing well asked more questions of themselves, doing self-assessments early and often. It seemed the main difference between those who succeeded and those who struggled was not how smart each student was but how early each student realized that he/she needed help.

 After my second year of college, I started asking myself what I call the AT-PODS (AT – Possibility Opportunity Door Students) questions. I made it a point to try to have almost all “yes” answers. Mr. Charles Ward, my algebra professor at South Georgia College for three semesters, gave me some advice that helped me pass this self-test: “John, you have learned many ways to learn in your college classes. Make sure you remember that one size does not always fit all. Make sure you always remember modification. You may have to modify some of the techniques you have learned in order to do well in your future classes.” As you use this exam to assess your current performance, also assess your learning techniques. Mastering the art of knowing when to modify can make all the difference.  Why am I doing well or not doing well in class?            

         AT-PODS Questions:

1)       Y__ N__ Did I come to class every day?

2)       Y__ N__ Did I take notes and participate during class?

3)       Y__ N__ Did I study with my best effort?

4)       Y__ N__ Did I speak with my professor about any concerns?

5)       Y__ N__ Did I realize I was having problems comprehending?

6)       Y__ N__ Did I use any resources available for assisting me?

7)       Y__ N__ Did I take advantage of the Student Success Center?

8)       Y__ N__ Did I have a clear understanding of the class syllabus?

9)       Y__ N__ Did I notify my classmates when I was struggling in class?

10)   Y__ N__ Did I do my best every day in class?

11)   Y__ N__ Did I have fun?

12)   Y__ N__ Did I blame other people for anything?

13)   Y__ N__ Did I believe U-CAN? (U-You C-Capture your message, moments, and memories A-Attack every assignment with your best effort N-Never be defeated)   

Tally up the number of yeses and the number of nos throughout your school year:

Where I Am:

# of Y Answers:

# of N Answers:

Should I Make a Modification?

After my first week of a new semester




After my first exam




After my midterm




After my final exam




After finishing all classes for the  semester




I don’t believe in the term “at-risk student.” When I first started college, I was not at-risk but AT-PODS, & if you track your performance using this quiz, you will be too.

UCAN Man Logo Message

Graduating With Honors: If I-Can, U-Can!

Foreword By: Ms. Selenseia Holmes

Coordinator of Multicultural Affairs

Office of Social Equity

Media Arts Geniuses Advisor

Valdosta State University

Click On Ms Selenseia Holmes Picture To View Entire (Road Map) Forward

Ms Selenseia Holmes University Graduate
"Procrastination doesn’t ensure success, but it doesn’t guarantee failure either. However, why chance it? Taking that chance can put you further and further behind. That’s exactly what happened to me when I needed to register for one of my biology classes here at VSU. I thought if I waited until a specific professor was teaching the class, I would have greater success. I procrastinated for a number of semesters. Procrastinating didn’t determine whether I would succeed or fail in that class; the grade I would earn was up to me, but I didn’t think about that at the time. If I had created a smart plan and executed it properly, I would not have wasted so much time. Eventually, I did earn a biology degree from VSU. Since then, I have even earned a second degree from VSU (in organizational leadership) as a non-traditional student."Selenseia Holmes
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Self-Test for Students Proven (2009-2013) Results Below

John Wallace Isom Jr Graduated With A  (2.07 GPA)  C-Average in high school, Jefferson County High School 1978-1982

Earning 1-A (10th Grade PE) During The 4 Years

"R- Remain Positive A- Act Locally T- Think Globally S- See EffectivelyR.A.T.S" John "The U-Can! Man" Isom,

3 College Advisors Dr Maul, Dr Blake, Dr Lowney
Student: John Wallace Isom Jr, aka The U-Can! Man July 2009-December 2013
They were Super and Very Involved with My College Journey
See book: "Graduating With Honor: If I-Can, U-Can!" 
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South Georgia College Entry Level Program

 Located at Valdosta State University

July 2009 Failed Compass Test- Math, Reading, and English

Fall - 2009




Aug - 2009 Met Sidney Bivins Jr 
Nov - 2009 Lost To Gun Violence

Remedial English



 Ms Betts

Met Dr Tyone Bledsoe

Remedial Reading



Ms McLendon

Met College Mentor, Mr Charles Ward

Algebra 97



Mr Ward

Met Mr Kevin Powell

Health/Wellness for Life



Mr Stelzer

Spring - 2010





Algebra 99



Mr Ward


Computer Tech for Workplace



Mr  Smith


English 101



Mr Talbot


Principles of Biology



Dr Crowe

Summer - 2010





College Algebra



Mr Ward


American Gov’t
(e,US/GA/His &Con


Mr Holsworth



Fall - 2010


I was happy filled and with confidence


English 102



Mr Talbot


US History 1865



Mr Petrula


Intro Sociology



Dr Paul Maul


Intro Social Problems


Dr Paul Maul


Transferred To Valdosta State University with 4.0 GPA  (10 A's)






Spring - 2011





Intro to Anthropology


Dr Robin Feeney


Human Communication


Dr Mark Eaves


World Lit III: Dvlpmnt Mod Thoug


Mr  Harper


Our Hazardous Environment


Dr Mark Grozeros

Summer - 2011





U.S. Civil Rights Movement


Ms Morvaw


Survey Of Economics


Dr  Stevens


Fall - 2011


Principle Historical Geology



Dr  Groszos


Exploring Success



Dr Muncy



Fundamentals of Philosophy



Dr Santas


Spanish 1001


Ms  Heath

Spring - 2012





Black Families



Mr Dyer


Fundamentals Of Psychology


Dr Hinkle


Intro Human Services


Dr  Meacham


Spanish 1002



Ms Heath





Summer - 2012





Intro African American Studies


Ms  Orr


Soci Analysis/Statistical App


Dr Hand

Fall -  2012





Sociological Theory



Dr  Hand


Sociology of Sports



Dr Ballard


Social Stratification



Dr  Hand


Spanish 2001



Dr Aronson

Spring - 2013





African American Studies Seminar



Dr Walker


Applied Sociology



Dr  Slusser


Research Methods



Dr  Hochshild


Population Problems


Dr  Hand


Summer - 2013





Perspectives on Social Media


Dr  Nelson


Clinical Sociology


Ms Wright



Fall - 2013





Studies in African American Literature



Mr Herron


Internship in Sociology



Dr Macheski



SOCI 4990 – Senior Capstone



Dr  Ballard


Mass Media/Popular Culture



Dr  Hochshild

Intern at the Office of Social Equity


Dr  Viverette


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