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    U-Can! Forgive Others (UFO)    

The U-Can! Man Assignment Order Complete 10 Years Later 2007-2016.

2007, Assigned by God to tell the people U-Can!

2007-2016, I was asked by thousands of people U-Can! what?

2016, I was given the answer by God U-Can! Forgive.

2016- Beyond, The answer / choice is yours.

2016 - Forever, The U-Can! Man question of the day for YOU everyday:

Today are you a forgiver or a unforgiver?

                                                      Unforgivness is a Blessing Blocker

The U-Can! Man Game For Life

I Am Looking For 20 Forgivers Stories/Testimonies, Yours May Make Our Game To Help Others

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Forgivness Exert From My First Book  Return To Honor: A Soldier Story


Chapter Five

 "The words poured out of my mouth as I emptied myself at the altar.

“Lord Jesus, forgive me for being a hypocrite and basking in man’s glory and praise.  I know that all of it displeases You.  God, I forgive Cardenas for what he did to me in May of 1983.  Please bless him and his family.  Only You know all of the details about why he shot me.”

As the weeks went by, I often prayed that Cardenas would become a Christian. It was difficult to do, especially when I was still dealing with lingering effects of the bullet wounds. It had taken twelve years for me to finally forgive Cardenas for what he had done to me, but I still believe as strongly as I did back then that I made the right decision not to press charges against him.  And that made me even surer that I needed to trust my conscience in my current situation, even if I didn’t wholly understand it yet."

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1. How do you play the game?
2. What are the game rules?
3. Who are the game members?

4. When do you play the game?

5. How much playing the game will cost you?

6: How much not playing the game has cost You?

7. What does God have to say about the game bottom-line?

Crying Over Split Milk Questions

Click On Picture Read Forgive ArticleCelebrating 23 Years
I Forgive

I'm Forgiven

I'm Forgiving

I Forgave

You Can Forgive
Celebrating 10 years

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You Forgive

You're Forgiven

You're Forgiving

You Forgave

This Game Is Designed To Give U-Hope By DoingThe Golden Rule & Forgiving One Another

The Golden Rule

The U-Can! Man Crying Over Spilt Milk  Number Game Rules

(Life Spilt Milk Number)

Pick Your LSMN
Pick Their LSMN
Talk About LSMN
Accept LSMN
Start LSMN Dealing
Share LSMN
Have Fun With LSMN

U-Can! Have Hope
U Can! Enjoy Hope
U Can! Keep HOPE
U Can! Give Hope
U Can! Share Hope

Bring the U-Can! Man
to your church or event!

I have learned in the past 52 years that my success in life was helped by forgiving and hurt by unforgiveness.

Ministry Consultant, Educational Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Forgiveness Consultant, Marriage Consultant

Character And Reputation Everyday (CARE)  For

Reputation And Character Example (RACE),

Make A Difference  (MAD)

When you work on your (CARE) and your (RACE) together, U-Can! (MAD) in other people lives daily.

The U-Can! Man / 27 Dec 2010


Cultural Dictionary: Don't Cry Over Split Milk Definition

"It doesn't do any good to be unhappy about something that has already happened or that can't be helped."

Click on "crying over spilt milk" picture to read John The U-Can! Man Challenge- To Act Principle

Crying Over Spilt Milk

Life Spilt Milk Number

     1 - I cry over the spilt milk?
     2 - I pick up the spilt milk?
     3 - I go and get more milk?
     4 - I pout?
     5 - I focus on the spilt milk?
     6 - I focus on the milk not spilt?
     7 - I decide to do do nothing?

What is Your (LSMN) Today? test

"A person or thing will teach you how they are, then that's how you deal with them. Knowing yours and thier spilt milk number is key to knowing how to deal with you, them or it. Remember before you deal play the The U-Can! Man Life Spilt Milk Number (LSMN) 7 Decisions Game.

Bottom Line Upfront:

1 - Forgive or Unforgive

2 - Forgiven or Unforgiven

3 -  Forgave or Forgave Not                                                    

4 - Forgiver or Unforgiver                                                         

5 - To Forgive Or Not To Forgive          

The Choice is Yours

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Forgiveness: The Real "F" Word

Wedding Photo
U-Can! Man & His Bride of

25 Years Karen LSMN Is:

The U Can Man LSMN Number is: #1

Karen Isom LSMN Number is: #5

We are learning how to DEAL with each other based on our LSMN. Respecting each others LSMN has been and is the key to our success.

If We-Can! U-Can!
HOPE U-Can! See

Hope U-CAN! Be

After Awhile (12 Long Years) I Chose Forgivness