America Trust God


"The Story U-Are Writing Matters"
The Book Dedication #1 For What We Have Done

President Barack Obama
America "Yes We Can"

Y- You Race To The Top
E- Expecting You Can
S- Seeking ways to improve

W- We Are Americans                                                                                      
E- Everybody On The Same Team  

C- Can Do Attitude is Way Of Life
A- Always Respect Others
N- Never Think it Cant be Done

The U-Can! Man 8 Year Results Recorded at with the help of Awesome Team.

My family and I will continue to build on the "Yes We Can" foundation, will you?

Thank you President Barack Obama for the past 8 years, you challenged us to have an attitude of "yes we can" in 2009, I accepted your challenge and me and my family of 7 participated and performed your challenge (see "Yes We Can' acronym below). I also was fortunate enough to write 3 books during your tour of duty, viewable on Amazon. I salute you and thank you. Always remember U-Can!

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Click here to see the Third "Yes We Can" Act done by the U-Can Man, August, 2009

"This table below is evidence of why I do what I do, which is simply give hope based on where I've been and where I am going"
-The U-Can! Man and Team Member

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We Came, We Saw, We Conquered

Many Americans have asked me "Whats next?"

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