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July 2009 Began Our Nine Year RELATIONSHIP Helping The U-Can! Man Become The U-Can! Man

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"John, Always Remember You Can Is Good for Starters. However, You Did Is Better For Endings. 
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President Myrna Ballard
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 U-Can! Story

35 Episodes Why I Give Hope!

Became A Born Again Believer July 1977 at Union Branch AME Church, Monticello FL Celebrating (40 Years)

  1. I earned 1 A in high school in 10th grade PE 78-82, not being serious.
  2. I survived M-16 gunshot 1983, was shot at point blank range and the bullet went through my arm to my stomach.
  3. I am carrying multiple fragments in my body from the M16 gunshot wound, today.
  4. I was held at gun point in reference to a robbery in the area, which I had nothing to do with in 1986.
  5. I had multiple guns (locked and loaded) pointed in the faces of me and my friend in 1987 for being in the wrong place.
  6. I've been involved in a fatal tragic car accident in 1990, my friend died in the car I was driving.
  7. I had 5 major life or death surgeries - two in 1983, one in 1985, one in 1993, and one in 1997.
  8. Another soldier had the same surgery, same month, same Doctor in 1997, however, he died.
  9. I was almost kicked out of the army with no benefits in 1999 after 17.5 years.
  10. I was fired. However, I was allowed back due to the Law.
  11. I had 5 bleeding ulcers. (Last one lost 4 pints of blood)
  12. I was planning on killing myself in 2000. While getting gas, I saw a car tag that said "God is Good"! This saved my life!
  13. I was allowed to retire in 2007 after 25.5 years of service.
  14. Click here to see Yes We Can Start I failed the college compass test for Reading, Math and English July 2009. Plus Book #1 Marketing
  15. I had to take remedial Reading, English and 2 Algebra courses to start regular college classes.
  16. After passing all my remedial courses, I still needed 1 College Algebra class and 3 Spanish classes.
  17. I earned 30 A's in college, graduated with honors 2009-2013, being serious click here for results.
  18. I have been married 26 years, and we have 5 children - 23, 21, 15, 9, and 6. Click here meet our family.
  19. Click here to see over 50 strategies designed to give hope and to inspire people.
  20. Click here to see why I am happy to be alive in 2017.
  21. Click here Growing from "Yes We Can" - Obama to "Think Big and Dream Bigger" - Trump
  22. Click here Published 3 books 2009, 2014, and 2015. Click on  Book #1   Book #2    Book #3  U-Can! Purchase
  23. Accepted President Obama "Yes We Can" challenge and done it 2009 and 2016. Click Here To View / Join What's Next (TAD)
  24. Became Associate Pastor at Union Cathedral Church Valdosta, GA  August 2015 Click Here
  26. Click here I Achieved- Accomplished- Accepted My DVD. Click Here To View
  27. Click here Valdosta-Lowndes County 5-Star Chamber Of Commerce Member 2007-Present
  28. Click here The U-Can Man Blog used to give hope and help
  29. Click here Meet the U-Can assignment lead my family of seven
  30. Click here on the U-Can Man (Bible It Page) To receive hope
  31. Click here to view me honoring my fallen college classmate legacy
  32. Click here to view 31 true wisdom rules that gave me hope 1991-present   2009 - present.
  33. Click here to view Do What They Can't 31 Skills Table, America U-Can Use It
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    To print off January 16, 2017 letter from President Barack Obama and view the reason  for this Website of Hope
  35. Click here to 2017 U-SOW! Strategy. U-Sow! Because U-Can!

  We are AmerI-Cans not AmerI-Cant's !

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Click on President Myrna Ballard Picture (The 25 July 2009 One Hour Of Hope Was Inspired By Her) 

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Click On Web.Com Modification Team Leaders July 2009 Started 

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Click Dr Jerry Brown Picture To Here 25 July 2009 "America I Believe God Has A Plan" Declaration

American yesAmericants never

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“You can’t give up on something you’ve never done without trying it. You can’t like or dislike something if you’ve never tried it. Most of us crawl before we walk, we then learn to walk before we run, and finally we learn to run after mastering the walk. The one word that summarizes this crawl-walk-run progression is the word TRY. Deployment of this powerful three-letter word is essential. Anything is possible, but I have learned that it begins and ends when YOU-TRY. YOU-TRY stands for YOU-Totally Realizing You can. The only person who can stop you from realizing your potential is YOU! Always remember that you are in charge of three people: Me, Myself, and I. These three deserve honest leadership, and you can provide them leadership deliberately or by chance. The choice was, is, and will be yours everyday. I say U-Can make a decision."

Nelson Mandela said: "It always seems impossible until it’s done."

        The U-Can! Man Three Work Books                 U-Can! Use To ATTACK! "Life" 

         Book #1 For Military Life       Book #2 For College Life        Book #3 For Everyday Life


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Click Pastor Bishop Wade S McCrae  Picture View  25 July 2009 "America Be Not Afraid Address"   

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  Click School Teacher Reginald Isom Picture To Here 25 July 2009 "America Its Time For Lights Camara  Action.



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Click Singer Anthony Williams Picture To Here 25 July 2009 Hear "You Can" Song For America 

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Click Singer Anthony Williams Picture To Here 25 July 2009 Hear "Hero By Mariah Carey, Anthony Song To My Wife"

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Click Pastor Dianne Williams Picture To Here 25 July 2009 "Here Scripture Of Hope For America 

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Click Lorraine Thomas  Picture To Here 25 July 2009 "I Can Do All Things Through Christ Jesus"


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Click on The U-Can! Man  picture to hear "Encourage Yourself"  Video Done For America 25 July 2009

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Click  on Porsha Berrian Picture To Hear YOU CAN Poem For America  25 July 2009 

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