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1 F . The Story U-Are Writing Matters

Pieces of The U-Can! Man's Ongoing Story

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A Soldier Story

The first book by John "The U-Can Man" Isom. His tell all about his time in the Army. A book about overcoming obstacles and becoming a Man. The U-Can Man.
If I-Can.... U-Can!
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Graduate With Honors

Graduating With Honors
If I Can U-Can!

 The second book by John "The U-Can Man" Isom. A book about Working hard, being strong and achieving your goals. John set out to Graduate at the Top of his class and that is what he did. A Tale of inspiration.
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My Advice of All Times Book

My Advice of All Times

The Third Book by John "The U-Can Man" Isom. John is full of wisdom and looks to do nothing but help the world grow and become more positive. Get your copy today to read all of John's Life Changing advice. 

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 2 A . - The Ongoing Story U-Are Writing Matters -
The U-Can! Man
Presentation Introduction Ongoing Story

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"The Story U-Are Writing Matters!"

America, I called this my 3G Family Story Unknown Beginning. This was first shared with the Valdosta State University Blazers on 30 April 2017. The occasion was the African American Male Initiative In Collaboration with Success Mentors and the goal was to help them understand that the story
they’re writing really matters.

This is the part of MY story that I decided to share.

The U-CAN! Man's Family

I shared with the students the time of my life beginning in high school in 1978 and ending 1982. I earned just 1 "A" in 10th grade P.E.

1990 I was Married.

1993 We had our 1st Child Joshua.

1996 We had our 2nd Child Caleb.

2002 We had our 3rd Child Joy Marie.

2007 We had our 4th Child Christian.

2011 We had our 5th Child Joel.

In 2009 my children: Joshua (10th grade), Caleb (8th grade), Joy (2nd grade), Christian (2 years old) and Joel yet to be born came to me and said "Daddy you cannot tell us anything about college because you only earned 1 A in high school”
and laughed about it. They were making fun of my story and letting me know
that to them their daddy's story mattered in the area of education.

After that conversation, I realized that the story I had written was not good enough for them. I had to do something. This made education become
more important to me. They were saying, "Dad, we will make it in spite of and despite your performance." This period at the end of my educational
story had to change. In 2009, I was blessed with an opportunity to begin a new sentence in the area of education. In August 2009, my story read
John ‘The U-Can! Man’ Isom (DAD) was pursuing a college education. A BS Degree in Sociology became my story's new adventure. Wow!

By December 7, 2013, my story ended with ‘The U-Can! Man’ Isom (DAD) graduated from College, Valdosta State University, with a BA Sociology and
a Minor in African American Studies.

The biggest part of the success of the Isom family—me graduating with honors, Josh earning a master's degree, Caleb transferring to UGA and doing great with a 4.0 GPA, all of my children—brought Joy.

The success that we have can in part be contributed to a common denominator my book, Graduating With Honors If I-Can, U-Can!. That book is on each of our cell phones. When we need a reminder, when we need to be uplifted, when we need that Mentor right there with us giving us words of encouragement, when we need the extra push, the tools to succeed--we already have it in the palm of our hands.

America I task each of you to get that same tool for yourself to help with your success because it is within your reach, you can have it in your grasp, literally. Pull out your phones because I know each of you have one, and go to You can type in the name of my book or type John Isom and get that tool--use that tool when you think you need that extra push; when you need those words of encouragement from The U-CAN! Man and he's not right next to you to give you those words, pull it up on your phone-my words are in that book along with a number of other individuals testimonies that can help you just as much if not more than it has helped me and my family.

America always remember, If I-Can, U-Can!

the U-Can Man's family

This is the Story that I (The U-Can! Man) am writing and I have learned my story matters.

  Everybody life story matters!   What about yours?   What about your Family?
What about your Friends? What about your Future?

"It's never too late to rewrite your story." - The Genius

“The Story U-Are Writing Matters!"

U-Can Man Graduating With Honors 3G Degree

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3 I . The story U-Are writing matters.
You and your family's ongoing story presentation.




Karen Isom Ongoing Story
Joshua Isom
Caleb Isom
Joy Isom
Christian & Joel


4 T . The story U-Are writing matters.

 Find the right people to help you tell your ongoing story presentation.


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1-2 Doug & Thomas The Leaders
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8: James: Keepin It Real
9: Becca: Great Work
10: Andi: The Musician
11: Jay: The Mc Recorder
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13: Dominique: Strictly Business
14: Aja: The Professional
15: Dani: The Teacher
16: Brent: No Problem
17: Zach: The Creator 
18: Jose: The Reminder
19: Glenn: The Assistor          
20: Jackie: Make It Happen        
21: Bernard: Mr We Can!
22: Manny: Mr Find A Way

The Story I Am Writing Matters

23: Yuri: Business Guru
24: Brittany: The Genius
25: Ashton: Mr. Positivity
26. Chad: The Helper
27. Taylor: The Technician
28. Malik: The Set Up Man
29. Winston: THE Man
30. Scarlett: Sure No Problem/No Worries!
31. Rafael: The Real Deal 
32. Justin: Matter of Fact
33. Nick: Focused
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35. Jake: The Bottom Line 
36. Ryan: Get It Done
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38: Sarah: The Inspirer
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40: Rei: Ms. Energetic
41: Audrey: The Great One
42: Barbra: Lets Get-it-Right John
43: Jared: On Point


5 H . The Story U-Are Writing Matters.

10 Examples of Triumph Over Defeat
Ongoing Story Presentation


Example 1: My Siblings and Family
Ongoing Story
Thank You John W. Isom Sr. and Mary E. Isom Salute!

Example 2: Myra Cerecero Ongoing Story
Click Her Pictures below to read Myra's Story
Myra Cerecero U-Are! Grads

U-Did It, Not Once, Not Twice, But Three Times WOW!

Please Share With Your Students, Myra U-CAN!

"First generation HS graduate, first generation college graduate and first person to go to grad school. My siblings and cousins were watching so I had to set a good example. Don't get me wrong the good example was not me going to college it was me never giving up on my dream.

Graduating HS with a 2.7 GPA while many of my peers were accepted into Princeton, UGA, and other great schools, I wasn't even sure if I would get accepted into a community college. When I got to VSU I was scared beyond belief. What in the world was a "credit"? How would I survive 4 years without my family? I knew only one person there. I didn't have a car, or a kitchen... It was too much. I was sure I had made the wrong decision...... I loved sign language way too much to quit though. since I was 14 I knew I wanted to be a Teacher for the Deaf how could I give up on the deaf/Mexican community that needed me?(of course I needed them more then I knew). Well I couldn't. I couldn't give up. So I prayed about it & figured it out.
Challenging? Yes. Impossible? No. (Btw: Graduated grad school with a 3.7!!!??)

So whether your dream is to own a business, to become a teacher, police officer, mechanic, or an actor/actress, a great parent ect.... Never give up"  Myra Cerecero 12 July 2016

Myra Cerecero

"I SURVIVED MY FIRST WEEK OF TEACHING!!!! And I have to say it was everything I thought it would be and so much more!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!! 6th grade is the best!!!! & yes my throat is already sore and ect yay!!!
I'm still working on my classroom but this is what I have so far!!!"

6th Grade Teacher Myra Cerecero,  5 August 2016

Example 3: "Get Back In The Game Story"!  Ongoing Story
Garrick Johnson in Front of Fountain Garrick Johnson on Fountain Garrick Johnson in Cap and Gown

Read My December 2013 Quote For My Journey To Success...This Is Only The Beginning

Garrick Johnson Sitting

Garrick Johnson U-Did It!

8 May 2015 Valdosta State University Graduate.

You Got Back In the Game And Won!

What An Amazing Example For Others, Say It, Then Go Do it!

Garrick Johnson

Example 4: "Grandma Millie Walls

Ongoing  Story"

Grandma Millie

Example 5:
"Martin Luther King Jr. &
John Wallace Isom Jr. 
I have a Dream Speech Connection "! 
Ongoing Story

My Dream

Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

"I Have A Dream" Speech August 1963
Nine Months Later John Wallace Isom Jr Born May 1964

I Am A "KINGS" Baby With A Dream
John Wallace Isom Jr aka The U-Can! Man's Dream:

"Helping People"

July 27, 2010, 1:50 a.m.

"A living dream, continuing to be true and alive." In October 1982, in Freiburg, Germany, the U-Can! Man (Private John Wallace Isom Jr) was asked by the military Educational Advisor, "What is your life dream?" I remember saying, at the age of 18, "I want to help people." That dream was born in me before I joined the Army on May 10, 1982, and lived through me during my 25-plus year career that ended on December 1, 2007.

My dream was consistent, no matter how I was (or wasn't) treated. Now, twelve years (2007-2018) after my retirement, God is granting me the DESIRES of my heart (Psalm 37:4) and keeping the U-Can! Man's dream alive. The dream was and is simply this: "I want to help people." Now, what is your dream? Is it true and alive today? Do not let yourself get sidetracked. People may be depending on your dream coming alive and staying alive. U-Can! 
-The U-Can! Man

Example 6: Bishop Vashti McKenzie and the U-Can! Man's ongoing story! 2007-Present

Click on picture below to view our ongoing story.

Bishop McKenzie and the U-Can! Man

Example 7: Dr. Maggie Viverette and the Office of Social Equity VSU U-Can Man Ongoing Story!
   U-Can Man Timeline


Example 8: The U-Can Man & Fallen College Classmate Sidney Bivins Jr. Legacy Ongoing Story!
Sidney Bivins

Example 9: Graduating With Honors: If I-Can, U-Can!   Foreword By: Ms. Selenseia Holmes

Graduate With Honors

Coordinator of Multicultural Affairs

Office of Social Equity

Media Arts Geniuses Advisor

Valdosta State University

"Procrastination doesn’t ensure success, but it doesn’t guarantee failure either. However, why chance it? Taking that chance can put you further and further behind. That’s exactly what happened to me when I needed to register for one of my biology classes here at VSU. I thought if I waited until a specific professor was teaching the class, I would have greater success. I procrastinated for a number of semesters. Procrastinating didn’t determine whether I would succeed or fail in that class; the grade I would earn was up to me, but I didn’t think about that at the time. If I had created a smart plan and executed it properly, I would not have wasted so much time. Eventually, I did earn a biology degree from VSU. Since then, I have even earned a second degree from VSU (in organizational leadership) as a non-traditional student."Selenseia Holmes


      Example 10: The U-Can! Story


U-Can! Stories


The Story U-Are Writing Matters.

Many Are Asking
So What, What's Next, and, Now What?

The U-Can! Man is asking you to consider sharing your YES. Your YES may be one of the next 101 YES stories shared in 2018.

There is also the chance that your YES may be published in one of my books.

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