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The U-Can! Man

25 August 2009

Valdosta Daily Times
College News  Article

Promise Made

28 Nov 2009

"Sidney I will finish what you have started, I will graduate from college"

Sidney Bivins, Jr.

August 2009-Nov 2009

Valdosta Daily Times
Home Going News Article

Promise Kept

Dec 7th 2013

Graduated  From
Valdosta State University

America Do What They Can't 31 Skills


"Rise up, start fresh, and see the bright opportunity in each day"
- Strictly Business

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Fallen Classmates

U-Can Report Card

I'm ready to hit the road running in 2015! John "The U-Can! Man" Isom is ready to share the first "Do What They Can't" Five-Year Model (2009-2013) and launch a new "Do What They Can't" Five-Year Model (2015-2019) for you and your team. U-Can! bring me to your team! Just remember: 1) I am married (24 years) with five children. 2) I will need your help in order to come to your team. 3) A love offering will be asked for.  See the results of the first "Do What They Can't" Five-Year Model on my website and ask yourself, "Would it be beneficial to have the 31 skills on the "Do What They Can't" table done by all my team members for the next five years?" If the answer is yes, bring John "The U-Can! Man" Isom to your area so I can show you and your team how to make it happen! If the answer is no at this time, share this website so that other teams can have the opportunity to say yes. Meet the late Sidney Bivins Jr, I am continuing his legacy as my life purpose. America in 2015 through 2019 If I-Can, U-Can!

    7 Dec 2013: John "The U-Can! Man" Isom took this walk in honor of Sidney.
5 Years later Completing "Do What They Can't" #1

Sidney was scheduled to transfer from South Georgia State College to (VSU) Spring 2010, 
with plans to
try out for VSU football team

November 2009 Sidney Bivins Jr Legacy Bacame My Life Purpose

(August 2009-November 2009)

Keeping Sidney Bivins Jr LEGACY, Going-Growing-Glowing

By Keeping A Promise To "Doing What He Can't"

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A Soldier Story

The first book by John "The U-Can Man" Isom. His tell all about his time in the Army. A book about overcoming obstacles and becoming a Man. The U-Can Man.
If I-Can.... U-Can!
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Graduate With Honors

Graduating With Honors
If I Can U-Can!

 The second book by John "The U-Can Man" Isom. A book about Working hard, being strong and achieving your goals. John set out to Graduate at the Top of his class and that is what he did. A Tale of inspiration.
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My Advice of All Times

The Third Book by John "The U-Can Man" Isom. John is full of wisdom and looks to do nothing but help the world grow and become more positive. Get your copy today to read all of John's Life Changing advice. 

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1-2 Doug & Thomas The Leaders
3: Kenisha: Number 1
4: Chris Angel: DVD
5: Kary: Superbness
6: Amy: Drop The Mic
7: Kendall: Too Much
8: James: Keepin It Real
9: Becca: Great Work
10: Andi: The Musician
11: Jay: The Mc Recorder
12: Alphonso: To The Point
13: Dominique: Strictly Business
14: Aja: The Professional
15: Dani: The Teacher
16: Brent: No Problem
17: Zach: The Creator 
18: Jose: The Reminder
19: Glenn: The Assistor          
20: Jackie: Make It Happen        
21: Bernard: Mr We Can!
22: Manny: Mr Find A Way


23: Yuri: Business Guru
24: Brittany: The Genius
25: Ashton: Mr. Positivity
26. Chad: The Helper
27. Taylor: The Technician
28. Malik: The Set Up Man
29. Winston: THE Man
30. Scarlett: Sure No Problem/No Worries!
31. Rafael: The Real Deal 
32. Justin: Matter of Fact
33. Nick: Focused
34. Makeila: Always Ready!
35. Jake: The Bottom Line 
36. Ryan: Get It Done
37: Tavius- Mr Effective
38: Sarah: The Inspirer
39: Gage. M: Did Offline Team Salute
40: Rei: Ms. Energetic
41: Audrey: The Great One
42: Barbra: Lets Get-it-Right John
43: Jared: On Point

John "The U-Can! Man" Isom in Doing what Sidney Bivins Jr Cannot Do

Football Player

 “Valdosta High defensive back Sidney Bivins picks off a pass intended for Lincoln wide receiver

Steven  Thorpe Friday night.” Valdosta Daily Times 22 September 2007

"Do What They Can't

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