In my over 150 years of experience in the pictures

below, I've realized: 

I have not been successful by myself.

Many others have helped me along the way.

The combination of myself and others working

together has equalled success.

 I look forward to sharing my belief that U-CAN!

 I, Me, and My became We, Us and Our.

Together We Are A Team Of Champions Working Together.


Don't Delay Get Your Ticket Today...U-CAN!

2018 ManUp Leadership Conference
"Rise Up to the Challenge! Move Forward!"


Don't Delay Get Your Ticket Today...U-CAN!

Early Registration Deadline: December 15th, 2017
Late Registration Deadline: January 5th, 2018
($5 Late Fee Assessed After The Early Registration)

The African American Male Initiative Program at Valdosta State University in partnership with the Department of African American Studies presents VSU's 1st ever ManUp Leadership Conference 2018 "Rise Up to the Challenge; Move Forward".

The ManUp Leadership Conference is comprised of several nationally known motivational speakers and authors and promises to be an event to remember.

Conference Speakers

Chris Broussard
American sports analyst for Fox Sports, who mainly covers the NBA. Previously, he was a columnist for ESPN Magazine and ESPN.com, and made appearances on ESPN's NBA Fastbreak as an analyst.
Tru Pettigrew
Authored Publications in the The New York Times, USA Today, The Boston Globe, Fast Company and Fortune Magazine.
Jimi Kendrix
Executive Music Producer with major artist credits: Jay-Z, Rick Ross, 50 Cent, 2-Pac, G-Unit, Lloyd Banks, and more.
John the"U-Can Man" Isom Jr.
Retired US-Military Army Veteran, Author and Motivational Speaker who vows that every generation needs to know that if he can then "U-Can".

America — Click on the following 3 books below.
They will be used at the upcoming empowerment presentations.

For the Man Up Leadership Conference 2018

I will be using the book , "Graduating With Honors: If I-Can, U-Can!" 

Always remember the The U-Can! Man sees you as champions.

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"John as you continue to grow always remember,

It's Not About Myself, It's About Ours! - It's Not About Me, It's About We! - It's Not About I, It's About Us! - Always THINK BIG!"

December 2007

Valdosta-Lowndes County 5-Star Chamber Of Commerce President Myrna Ballard

"John you have done a lot since arriving here in Valdosta GA.  Now Is the time to maximize your accomplishments and remember it's okay to make money. John I advise you to conduct and event to share with our Community.  This event will be your launching pad to go around your ten city area telling and now showing the people they Can!  John the Chamber will be there and perform a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for The U-Can! Man LLC. Just remember giving and sharing is a must, however it's okay to make money also. This event will be a huge foundation for your team. I am proud of You and Hope You have nothing but success.  Always remember You Can John, You Can! The Chamber is here for YOU to assist in any way we can.  John last but not least always remember to always THINK BIG!"

June 2009

Valdosta-Lowndes County 5-Star Chamber Of Commerce President Myrna Ballard

xxxAmerica Click here to see what happened after our 2009 one on one meeting (1 hour long) with President Ballard, who gave me the foundation that led to amazing results. I joined web.com july 2009 to capture the results for putting her advice into action.xxxx



You Are A Champion

Story. Experience. Time. S.E.T.

The U-Can! Man thanks to faithful customers like yourself, we are able to make your vision come to life. We understand that you have many options but we are pleased that you have made WEB.COM your premier choice. We want you to know how much we appreciate your business. You have been a loyal and dependable client for the last eight years. Thank-U, we CAN because U-CAN!!!!-
(Scarlett a.k.a Sure no problems, no worries!)

UCAN Goals

Thank you Scarlett
a.k.a. "Sure No Problem/No Worries!", for conducting my first ever U-Pick example. You have validated once again that there is always a way to ensure that WEB.COM helps The U-CAN! Man achieve his goals. Because of you I highly recommend WEB.COM to America

america ucan

11/9/17 - Champions are very important in the u-can! man's life.

one of my favorite stories is "the Ugly Duckling".

in that story, the star of that story felt out of place, was picked at, laughed at and made fun of. however, by the end of the story, the star of the story was made aware that it was not a duck, but a beautiful swan.

the reason this story is one of my favorites is because the u-can! man in 2007 did not realize he was a champion.

july 2009, i met a group of awesome, amazing, and outstanding champions after a few years, they made me realize, like in the story, that i was not the ugly duckling, but a swan who was given the job of helping people. i am grateful to the web.com modification team.

click here to view one of the champions i have worked with over the past few years. this is just one example of the over 30 champions below.

america, i hope and desire that many of you will meet this team and join the web.com family.

always remember - it's about champions being champions. 

mods shoutout

20 August 2016 FB Post Shared With, Rev Ria M Nyaka, From South Africa.

“Pray for me that November 2016 we can celebrate what the Lord Will do. July 2016 God told me "John go to Jacksonville Florida and visit Web.com to receive your blessing." On 17 August 2016 I obeyed God. On the way back God said " John You obeyed God, now watch God work on your behalf for your obedience." See this link http://johntheucanman.com/modifications-thanks.html to see the selfie requested from Doug and Thomas two Leaders from Web.com. It is better to obey God than man. I am waiting on God with expectation and anticipation seasoned with God delivered Manifestation. God You have granted me ideas creativity but not money creativity. God You have someone with money creativity but not ideas creativity. God You are preparing us both for this eventual meeting/connection.”

On November 13, 2017 God had me “Bible It” Isaiah 64:4 NASB

“For from days of old they have not heard or perceived by ear,
Nor has the eye seen a God besides You, Who acts in behalf of the one who waits for Him.”



always remember - it's about champions being champions. 

World Class Champion Creed


America U-CAN!


You, Me, Myself, and I